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Repair Accutron watches.  Vintage Accutron Watch Repair and Restoration Accutron Repair Authorized Bulova Dealer Repair Center Repair

Bulova Accutron Repair & Restoration

By Professional Accutron Watchmakers

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Accutron Repair by Old Father TimeAccutron
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Vintage Bulova Accutron Watch Repair - Restoration

We're Vintage Accutron Restoration Specialists.  Our staff of watchmakers is highly skilled and is either a Certified or Master watchmaking professional.  We've received specific Accutron repair training from Bulova's Master Watchmakers and Trainers many years ago.  Our watchmakers attend continuing education classes either at AWCI or WOSTEP every year.

Because of our relationship with Bulova, we've purchased their remaining New/Old Stock of all vintage 214, 218 Series & 224 Series Accutron parts.  Within a few days of receiving your Accutron, we'll provide a detailed estimate for repair-restoration.  All estimates are in written form and are sent by either email or postal mail, whichever you request.

See below for the full "OFT Accutron Repair/Restoration Process"

Please note:  Parts are not available for the Accutron 221-Series (Ladies models)
or the Quartz 2192-Series Models.

"Accuracy through Electronics"
is how the name Accutron was born
accutron repair

Take a look at this week's "Watchmaker's Pick Restoration"

A Gorgeous 1961 214 Model,18K Yellow Gold!

  18K Yellow Gold 214 Accutron Restoration   

Take a look at more of our
Custom Accutron Repair - Restorations

 Our Accutron Restoration Process:

A Mail In Accutron Repair/Restoration Form is provided for your convenience.  It's an online form that can be filled out on your screen, then printed and packaged with your Accutron.   (See "Packaging & Shipping" suggestions below.)  Once your watch arrives, it is locked in a secured location with fire and theft monitoring 24/7/365.  Within 4-5 business days following arrival, a skilled Accutron watchmaker will diagnose your Accutron and we'll provide a detailed, written evaluation with clear instructions on how to proceed.  Estimates are normally sent by email on the Wednesday following arrival of your package. 

Check the Accutron
Repair Calendar
Before Shipping

We accept many forms of payment including Personal Check, Credit/Debit Cards & E-Check.  Payment is not processed until we have a clear shipping date for your Accutron.  At that time, you'll be notified that we expect to ship your Accutron within the next 7-10 days.  We'll notify you again when your Accutron is packaged for shipment, AND provide Tracking information.  We then ship repaired Accutrons by 2nd Day Federal Express with special Jeweler's Insurance for high-value items.  This is the only shipping method we use for repaired/restored Accutrons.  You'll want to read our full Accutron Repair - Restoration Warranty information.

Unlike many repairers, we charge No Additional Fees for restoration of indivudual Accutron Case backs, pushers, crowns, or battery door components & locking rings.  When we quote "case restoration", the price is all-inclusive. 

For a sneak peek at what your Accutron will look like after restoration, check our our
Accutron Photo Gallery.
accutron repair

Accutron Repair
Accutron Repair Form
accutron repair accutron repair

accutron repairSince Bulova called Old Father Time
to purchase their remaining Vintage Accutron parts inventory, it's a crucial advantage when repairing and restoring these great tuning fork timepieces "CORRECTLY".  We're able to use new/old stock parts instead of cannibalizing one 50-year-old Accutron to repair another.

bulova accutron repair watchmakers
will typically scour the internet searching for old, used components to install in YOUR watch.
Every week we receive Accutrons for re- repair that a hobbyist has ruined.  Usually the Accutron owner is so upset that they refuse to contact the hobbyist again to remedy the problems.  Or they've contacted them enough with no solution, that they've given up.

When we receive these Accutrons, we find all sorts of incorrect or missing parts, wrong procedures in assembly, etc. -- most were never even cleaned.
We're now receiving so many of these "hobbyist" jobs that, depending on the severity of the issues, our watchmakers are declining the repair.
But, it's difficult not to sympathize with the Accutron owner's situation.  After all, they were promised "expert" Accutron repair, with genuine Accutron OEM parts, and claims of "quality" services...  and all for
cheap, cheap prices...

accutron repair

We're The ONLY Professional Watchmakers Specializing in Accutron Restoration
-25 Years-
Licensed, Insured, Certified Watchmakers
Genuine Bulova Accutron NEW/OLD Stock Parts Supply
accutron repair

A primary canon of ethics of professional watchmaking is to affect the service in a manner that leaves the timepiece in as close to original manufactured condition as humanly possible.

Click Here for
Accutron Repair
Accutron Repair - Restoration Form

We have many types of Accutron Case restoration and re-plating services along with authentic Accutron Spaceview Crystals in our repairs.  We use only factory-correct, new/old stock Accutron components or newly manufactured factory Accutron parts (as in the case of crystals), from Bulova.  As a Bulova Accutron Authorized Dealer and Service Provider, we're able to offer many authentic Accutron components not available anywhere else.  It's important that your Accutron watch be serviced by a competent, professional watchmaker, with the correct parts, tools, equipment and training.

Unfortunately, coils are now in very short supply.  For that reason, we install them only in watches receiving our "Full Restoration".

To learn more about what we offer as a professional, Factory Recommended Accutron Restoration Facility
follow this link for
Accutron  Security

Packing & Shipping Your Accutron

Pack your watch in a box that's approximately 8" X 10" X 4" in size  or a size that can't easily be lost by the carrier.  We recommend wrapping the item in bubble-wrap  and then packing in styrofoam peanuts or void air bags.  We recommend using USPS Registered, Insured Mail for shipping timepieces to us.    We do not recommend using UPS or FedEx Ground carrier services

Please make no reference to the contents on the outside of your package.  Our address label  at the bottom of our
 Accutron Restoration Form  may be used for US Postal Service only.  Shortly after your package arrives  we'll send a detailed estimate by email.  We'll then wait for your reply before proceeding. 

In order to receive your estimate by email, you'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  This service is free and can be downloaded here
Adobe Reader Free Download

Please send your watch only in
packing that can be discarded

Do not send original, manufacturer or keepsake boxes.

Accutron Repair
Accutron  repair
Restoration Form

Accutron repair

Estimate Fee

Our $65 Estimate Fee on Vintage Accutron Restoration includes partial disassembly to properly diagnose needed repairs, detailed written estimate by email, and return shipping with insurance and tracking if repair is declined.  If restoration is performed, (after receiving your approval) the Estimate is FREE.  If the estimate fee was paid by check, it's simply used as a deposit toward work.



Turnaround Time
Please allow adequate turnaround time.  As the largest Accutron Restoration studio in the U.S., turnaround time can vary depending on the number of Accutron jobs in our studio at any given point.  It will also vary depending on specific services being performed.  For instance, certain cosmetic restorations require a bit more time.  Our schedule changes seasonally also.  Our studio is normally closed 2 weeks in July and also the month of December.

CLICK HERE to see our Studio Calendar.

Old Father Time Calendar for Accutron Repair
Our current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.  Your patience is always appreciated.

  Vintage Bulova Accutron Repair Form
Click Here for Accutron Restoration
Mail In Form

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  We are a Bulova Accutron Authorized Watch Dealer and the only "Professional Watchmakers"
Recommended for Restoration of ALL Bulova Accutron 214, 218, 2180, 2181, 2182, 2185, 224, 2240, 2241, 2242, etc, Models.
Vintage Accutron Repair/Restoration Services

Bulova Accutron Watch Repair Services
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Photo Gallery
It Represents a Small Sample of
OFT Accutron Restorations

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Bulova Accutron Restoration - Repair
By Certified Watchmaking Professionals

The following may sound like gibberish, but it's designed primarily for search engines.  It's correct, of course, but you'll recognize the word density.  Apologies. Accutron repair is our specialty.  We've been repairing Bulova accutron watches for about 25 years.  In a typical week we handle bulova accutron astronaut repairs, bulova accutron spaceview repairs, bulova 214 accutron repairs, bulova accutron 218 repairs, Accutron Accuquartz repairs, Accutron 2242 repair, Mark IV Accutron repair, Accutron Mark II Repairs, Accutron Spaceview repairs or general accutron watch repair.  Accutrons of every style and variation are repaired and restored to their original beauty in our studio every day.

Bulova has trusted Old Father Time with vintage Accutron 214 and 218 repair and restoration for 25 years.  Bulova contacted us when they decided to sell all their vintage accutron repair parts and accutron repair materials/accutron repair equipment and accutron repair tools.  For that reason they continue to refer accutron repair customers to OFT every day.  They know that we have the new/old stock parts to correctly repair vintage accutrons.  Please review our accutron repair
Reviews Page from customers who are enjoying their Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork watch again because of Old Father Time repair service. 

We receive many accutron watches in our
studio for repair every week that have been mishandled by hobbyists.  Accutron repair is a delicate process requiring specialized knowledge, skills and equipment.  Most often, hobbyists don't possess any of them.  We are AWCI Trained Watchmakers.  We've also been trained by Bulova Accutron Repair Trainers and Master Watchmakers many years ago. We do not employ hobbyists.  We do not send your Accutron out to be repaired by someone else.   We do not scrounge the internet looking for worn out parts from another accutron to repair your accutron.  That doesn't make good common sense.  It's a measure of desperation that hobbyists have to resort to.

If you would like us to contact you about your Accutron repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, or Astronaut Accutron Repair, Accutron 214 Repair, Accutron Mark II Repair, Accutron Mark IV Repair, Accutron Railroad Repair, Accutron Snorkel Repair, Accutron World Time repair, Accutron Pulsation Repair, Tiffany & Co Accutron Repair, Accutron 218 Repair, Accutron 218D Repair, Accutron 2180 Repair, Accutron 2181 Repair, Accutron 2182 Repair, Accutron 2185 Repair, Accutron Deep Sea 666 Repair, Accutron 2242 Repair, your retirement Accutron Repair, your high school graduation Accutron Repair, Engagement Accutron Repair, Custom made Accutron Repair, Accutron Accuquartz Repair, or a custom Accutron Build "just for you", call us at 252-371-1656, or email us at

We refer all our modern Accutron Repair to another favorite PROFESSIONAL, 
The Bulova Watch Co., Woodside, NY.

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