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Old Father Time Reviews & Customer Comments

Here are a few of our customer comments received in the last several years.  We're lucky to have the best customers in the world.

I can not thank you enough for repairing my Daddy’s watch.  My husband received it today and is thrilled beyond measure with it.  He is so excited & proud to have it.   He said he would have worn it whether we had it repaired or not but I am so grateful we found you & were able to have brought back to life.  He has read all of your instructions & is printing them off.  Thank you again & God bless you in your walk.  Janet, Johnson City, TN

My watch arrived today, and it looks like new.  I am sure it will last for many more years (I hope I do), and I cannot thank you enough.  It was an amazing surprise, given its condition when I sent it to you.  Thank you again.  Carl, Falls Church, VA

Just wanted to send a quick note to say how nice the Accutron you restored for me was. It was my father's, a gift from a patient in (he thinks) 1968 or 1970 or thereabouts. (It has a little 'Asclepius' symbol (the snake around the rod, ancient medical symbol). Just beautiful, how the case looks brand new and it runs very nicely.  I took it for my father to see who is 91. He held it and said, 'it looks brand new'. I would agree.  Thank you again!  Eric, Atlanta, GA

I received the repaired and restored watch from your shop the other day(from my grandfather’s retirement in late 1960s/early1970s timeframe).  I am flabbergasted with joy( hard for a 63 year old man to say such) and now enjoy the memory that I had destroyed by being able to wear this watch again.  I had thought I had permanently ruined it as I left it in a drawer for 40-45 years in its broken and destroyed state ,as the last time I used it was likely when I worked at a McDonalds in 1976-1980 while in HS and college.  Thank you for the wonderful work and attention to detail.  Mike, North Palm Beach, FL

I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and the crew there at Old Father Time. My father’s watch came back looking so clean and shiny, its signature hum restored. I am almost afraid to wear it, it’s so nice. But I’m wearing it (carefully — and even made it a soft little bed to rest in). I was especially glad to see that the Accutron logo on the crystal had the little tuning fork symbol as I had requested. I wear my dad’s watch on one wrist and a bracelet from my mom on the other. While I don’t have either much-missed parent on Earth here anymore, I like to think I’m like Wonder Woman with the powerful wrist jewelry of protection. :) Plus, I think the Accutron Spaceview is the coolest watch ever made. Thank you all again for your help.  Beth, Reading, MA

My father bought a Bulova Accutron in the 1960’s.  It was the Space View model with clear crystal and tuning fork.  Probably the first electronic watch!  It was amazing technology at the time and a showstopper.  Everyone wanted to see it and hear the tuning fork.  My father, a WWII vet, passed away several years ago and left me the watch.  It laid dormant for half a century, and I put a battery in and it began working.  It was not accurate and needed professional service.  There are very few businesses you can trust with such an heirloom. I was lucky to find Old Father Time watchmakers.  They appeared to be the world experts on restoring these watches.
I submitted my watch, and they sent me back an estimate which was about what I expected.  I gave them the OK and they did as promised and performed a beautiful restoration.  They are very discreet about shipping to prevent bad guys from stealing. 
Opening the package and seeing this “new” watch was very emotional to me, wow, what a perfect job.
If anyone has an [Accutron] watch, I highly recommend their professionalism, expertise and honesty.  Joe, Richmond, VA

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m delighted with the results of your restoration of my grandfather’s Bulova Accutron. It is keeping good time; I have a Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch that is extremely accurate and the Accutron is keeping pace with it. I’ve worn it to work already and have received many compliments. My son was also impressed with the watch; like me, he is named after my grandfather and will ultimately own the watch. Thank you for taking such good care of a little piece of our family’s history. Tink, Statesville, NC
The watch came this morning, I just want to say thank you, It’s a blessing to have it back working and beautiful. You guys are the best…. Greg, Rye, NY

My Accutron was delivered this afternoon.  What a beautiful restoration!  It looks just like I remember it in the jewelry store the day my dad bought it for me as a high school graduation gift in 1967.  OFT did a superb job.  Thanks so much!  Thomas, Silver Spring, MD

Please extend my thanks and gratitude for the incredible work on my Astronaut, it far exceeded my expectations. The visual appearance alone tells me of the fine craftsmanship that went into the internals as well. I plan on revisiting a previous request for a restoration on a different piece after experiencing your company’s work. Doug, Heights, MN

My experience with the staff and the expert watchmakers at Old Father Time could not have been better. From the OFT’s detailed website through the evaluation of my watch to the completion of its servicing, I knew I was working with those who had the tools and the expertise to restore my “swap meet find.” Throughout the process, OFT staff members were helpful, customer oriented, and thorough. I have had other vintage watches serviced by the best. OFT is one of them.  Thank you, Don, Lakewood, CA

I received my Spaceview yesterday and it is gorgeous.  Great Job.  It was to be a gift for my Dad on Father's Day, and it was the best Father’s Day ever.  My Dad remembered every single detail of the day he bought the Spaceview new when he was 18.  The experience was priceless.  Thank you so much, Nelson, Tampa, FL

The Accutron safely arrived yesterday; it looks and runs perfectly so far. Thank you so much!  I received the Accutron as a gift when I graduated from college in 1970. I used it daily & proudly until around 1986, after receiving a gift of a Rolex Presidential. About 10 years later I unsuccessfully attempted to have the Accutron serviced & repaired; then I had a shadowbox display case made for it. So, when I sent it to you it hadn't worked for almost 40 years! I'll wear it occasionally & admire it frequently because of its personal history. I plan to pass both watches to my son.  Bill, Medina, WA

My wife gave me a watch from you guys last week, for my birthday. I have wanted one of these for years and I couldn't be happier! It was a 1962 Spaceview and I couldn't believe how perfect it looks. I am a jeweler and I have a very critical eye and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much for helping me start my watch collecting hobby. We have a jewelry store that is next door to a watch company and they have watches in their store that go for upwards of $300,000 and I walk past that store everyday when I get the mail. I am a watch enthusiast and I look at those watches everyday, but the one that is on my wrist right now, from [Old Father Time], to me, is a cooler watch than anything in their store. Thank you so much for sending me a watch that gives me so much pleasure every time I look at it. Hopefully we will be doing more business and this is just the first, of many watches, that I will be purchasing from you again.  John, Naples, FL

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I was to receive my Dad's restored watch!  He wore it everyday to work and now I am wearing it to work:)  It's been keeping time and it's beautiful.  I just need to keep in mind the care that comes with a Vintage watch. I guess I'm vintage also, as I am 1 year older than the watch!  Thank you so much for your services!  Sarita, Freemont, CA

I wanted to send an update about my Spaceview. After wearing it on a daily basis it seems to be running fine and keeping correct time. It seems funny but I thought a battery operated watch would run fine if not worn. Anyway all is well so far and I thank you again. Forgot to mention all the compliments I have gotten. It's a beautiful piece.  Frank, Albuguerque, NM

The Spaceview arrived today safe and sound, as well as the spare battery and gasket.  Thank you and the team for keeping this little gem going.  Theresa, Melbourne, FL

My Accutron Astronaut arrived today and it is beautiful. Thank you very much and please convey my special appreciation to the person who restored my watch with such evident care and skill.  Jack, Santa Barbara, CA

Just recieved my watch, omg you guys did a great job, it looks brand new, I am very pleased with it, thank you so much. John, Copperas, TX

I just wanted to say thank you. The restoration exceeded my expectations in terms of what you were able to do for the appearance of the watch. It was in really rough shape. It's just beautiful.  I think my Dad and brother would be proud to see it look like it did 56 years ago. I will think of them every time I wear it. Jim, Orange, CA

We want to thank you for the magnificent job you did on our watch. Not only does it work perfectly but it has been cleaned so beautifully that it looks brand new even thought it’s over fifty years old. Thanks again for your professionalism and great care.  Lawrence, Wilmington, NC

I’m writing to tell you my watch arrived yesterday, on time, and in apparently perfect condition.  It’s looking beautiful.  I also want to thank you personally for your excellent customer care throughout the process.  I will gladly recommend Old Father Time to anyone seeking care on a difficult watch rehabilitation.  It’s been a pleasure to be in your careful hands.  Tom, Seattle, WA

I received my watch this morning. It's as beautiful as ever!  Thanks much. Willard, La Jolla, CA
I just received the watch and I am blown away by this restoration. Thank you very much for the time and care.  Beatrice, White Plains, NY
I did receive the batteries yesterday. Thank you so much for even existing, let alone doing such a beautiful service on my watch.  I could not be more pleased with your service.  Feel free to use me as a referral. Richard, Salem, OR

I received the watch yesterday. It is beautiful and working perfectly. I am very, very pleased, you did an excellent job--thank you very much!  Jeff, McLean, VA

I just wanted to let you know both of my watches arrived today in perfect running order. I'm so happy with how they turned out. Amazing attention to detail. Couldn't be happier!  Thanks again, Franklin, Milwaukee, WI

Thank you so very much - my watch is safely ensconced back on my wrist, good as new! As always, I sincerely appreciate the care Old Father Time puts into keeping this old watch (and its old owner) running smoothly!  Gary, Seattle, WA

Touching base to let you know my watch arrived safe and sound.  The only other package I have ever received that hummed was a package of honeybees. The watch looks spectacular.  I am so glad your organization was able to give it a new lease on life.  Now into its second half century at 54 years, I will treat this very special timepiece as the distinguished companion that it is, reserving for it the finest of occasions.  Including the 14 leap year days,  after approximately 28 million, four hundred and twenty one thousand, four-hundred and sixteen full sweeps of the second hand, it deserves nothing less than the best.  Thank you so much.  Bob, East Dennis, MA

Watch arrived at 1245 pm today showing correct time and date. As of now time continues to be accurate. Thank you.  I am happily wearing this beautiful timepiece that is more than 54 years old and it looks new. My wife gave it to me about 54 years ago and now, again, for Christmas 2021.  Thank you and the watchmaker for doing such a masterful renovation of the watch.  George, Bellbrook, OH

All my watches look brand new and work great. You all are fantastic! Bruce, Ramseur, NC

Absolute beautiful!  Looks like a new watch.  From the way it looks I am confident that the workmanship inside is just as beautiful.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am.  Dan, Troutville, VA

My boss just opened up the Fed Ex (package) and is completely BLOWN AWAY! The watch looks brand new! He is so pleased with it, so I wanted to THANK YOU for making me look like a Super Assistant!!    Cannot thank you enough! Another satisfied customer!!  Ann, Dulles, VA

Watch arrived safely - repair and external finishing and polishing exceeded my expectations - almost too nice to wear.  Ron, Ashville, NC

The watch arrived yesterday, stunning! Beyond my expectations, I'm wearing it right now. Please thank the technician that did the repair work. I'm going to give your business a wonderful review.  Drew, Carmel, IN

Thought I would let you know that the two watches delivered yesterday and I could not be more pleased.  Thank you all so much, they look great, exceeding my expectations.  Hal, Chattanooga, TN

The timepiece arrived without incident.  I am very pleased with the finished product.  Thanks for the quality workmanship.  Joe, Columbus, OH

Just received the Accutron today.  My husband is so incredibly happy to be wearing it.  We can't thank you enough for bringing this watch back to life, and it meant so much to my husband as it reminds him of his late father, who wore it all the time while he was alive as you  could tell from all the  nicks and dings on the original crystal.  I'm attaching a photo of my husband wearing the repaired watch.  We've already referred a few people to your shop for purchasing a refurbished Spaceview.  Again, thank you so very much.  Regards, Theresa, Melbourne, FL

I received my Accutron last Thursday the 25th. I was able to track my watch step by step from your shop to my home.  My watch looks like brand new. I am extremely pleased with Old Father Time’s restoration and love the new band.  It was well worth the wait to get this quality restoration done on my vintage Accutron.  Patrick, Glastonbury, CT
This is concerning concerning order number ######. I just received the watch and I am thrilled--thank you.  You said you it was gonna look good, but I hadn't known it was gonna look this good. I sure do appreciate your work. Thank you a bunch!  Troy, Weaver, AL.

I received my watch as expected, and to my surprise, the watch turned out absolutely beautiful.  I had forgotten how nice it once was as it was my dad's and he gave it to me.  Thank you so much for the time, trouble, and work you guys put into this.  It keeps great time also.  Not sure if it was you who did the repairs or someone else, but if it is someone else, thank them for me.  All of you there were great, answered any questions I had and kept me up to date on the status.  Again, thanks to everyone who was involved with this.  Jack, Kinston, NC

I received my Accutron last night. It is beautiful.  Thank you and your folks for restoring something that had over 40 years of memories Thank you again, Gary, Ridgewood, NJ

I picked up my watch today and could not be happier. You did a terrific job. Thank you.  Pete, Arlington, VA

I received the watch today,  Thank you.  It looks new.  Beautiful job and I am so excited to be able to wear it again.  Bill, Palm Springs, CA

I am thrilled with my recon on my fathers watch. Thankyou very much, I am wearing it instead of my several Rolex, Chopard and Carl Buchers. Thank you, Gary Newport Beach, CA

I received my watch last week. To say that I am impressed would be an understatement. Ya'll have done a wonderful job in it's restoration. You have a customer for life! Thanks again!  Brad, Mendenhall, MS

All I can say is WOW!!! You guys did a fabulous job restoring the watch and the band fits my son perfectly. Really, really wow! I had no idea it would turn out this good. It looks almost brand new.  Camille, Caldwell, ID

The  watch looks beautiful and is running perfectly. I am wearing it today and keep putting it up to my ear to hear it humming along. Thanks for your attention to detail and expert craftsmanship!  Mark, Selma, NC

I returned home from the holiday weekend and found my beautifully restored Accutron waiting for me.  The watch looks as good as new and is ticking away. Please extend my sincere thanks to the professionals who took my watch from a worn out, sad looking and non-operating condition to the gem it once was and I hope will be through the rest of my days.  Sincerely, Frank, Norwich, VT

I waited a bit before contacting you in order to observe how well my watch functioned. I am more than pleased with both the appearance of my watch and how well it keeps time. Thank you for your assistance through out. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with you.  Dennis, Jefferson Hills, PA

My watch arrived today, and as you said, it looks as good as new.  I would be pleased to do a more formal review (positive of course) but for right now, I want you to know I am very pleased.  I may enjoy wearing this watch more than my Dad did!  Ray, Stillwater, MN

I received my Accutron 214 back a week ago Thursday! After living with it for the past week, and timing it out several times, I need to tell you that I am so happy with your professional repair and workmanship! I never thought I would see this high Quality ever again! Just Incredible- Thank You All again, and please tell the master technician, who worked on my watch, thank you and he will see it again for the battery change hopefully in a year or so- Thank You!  Walt, Moore, SC

Thank you for the wonderful job you did in restoring my 1968 Accutron.  It hasn't  run for years and now it is just like it was when I  got it for Christmas so long  ago.  Thank you  Old Father time.  Alan, New Cumberland, PA

I received my two watches yesterday. They arrived in perfect condition and both looked better than they did new! I am back wearing my model 214 that saw so much service during war timing missions, years of college getting me to class on time, then sailing with me around the world a couple of times as a navigation watch. Now, I can know when it is lunch time or time to come in from the yard.  Thanks for your nice work.  They will get a little more than just a glance--from me and others who I will show what fine work you do.  Tom, Port Angeles, WA

The watch arrived today, and I was amazed at the transformation!  Thanks so much for the amazing job OFT did with this timepiece, it’s now a valued member of my collection!  John, Tucson, AZ

Just wanna let you know FedEx brought the wonderful watch to me two days ago and I do thank all of you for doing such a good repair and I got it. Thank you so much. Jody, Houma, LA

I just received my Bulova Accutron back from Old Father Time Repair and it looks as nice as it did when it was new! The Gold finish is Brilliant!  Thank your repair department for doing a Fabulous Job!!  I will definitely be returning my watch to you for battery replacement when its due.  Thanks for a Job Well done.  Jim, Springfield, OH

I just received my Bulova Accutron 1282 watch back.  I couldn’t be happier!  It looks just like it did when my wife gave it to me 43 years ago almost to the day.   Thank you so much.  Brad, Green Bay, WI

Thank you very much for repairing my watch.  I am very satisfied and impressed with your great service.  Regards, Ricky in Dallas, GA

Here it sits, glowing with polish and humming quietly to itself. You folks always do exactly what you say you will, and I want to tell you again, along with the watchmakers, how much I value the fine work you all do on my old watch. The package came Thursday afternoon and the watch was on my wrist immediately. Thank you!  Brad, Geneva, NY

Received the watch yesterday and didn’t loose or gain any time during shipping!  Your packing is great as well as your service.  You’re very well organized and do top quality work!  Robert, Charlottesville, VA

[My Accutron] is absolutely Beautiful and working great. What an amazing job ya'll did.  Thank you very much! I can't wait to show my dad his dads retirement watch. The strap looks great. I will take great care of this watch.  Yours truly,  Mike, Charlotte, NC

Thanks for being so detailed in taking care of my watch even in the middle of hurricane Dorian. How many of us can say that your company stepped up and still was able to manage through all the unknowns of this environmental event. Accolades to you and all your staff. Especially to those techs that got the watch running again. I received it today and so far so good , it came and it is running after unpackaging.  A special thanks goes out to you OFT for having patience.  Norm in Bluffton, SC

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to receive my restored Accutron !  As Billy Crystal used to say - "it looks marvelous" and is keeping time perfectly for a 53 year old watch.  Thanks again, Jim in Bluffton, SC

Received the watch today and it is beautiful! Actually gave it to my husband and he is absolutely thrilled with it! It is exactly the watch he had and exactly what he wanted.  Thank you so much for making his 70th birthday extra special!  Marni in Lakewood, FL

I just wanted to let you know that I received my watch today. You folks did an outstanding job-- the watch looks like new! Looks absolutely pristine. My sincere thanks.  Quinton in Anchorage, AK

I wanted to let you know that my treasured Accutron not only looks gorgeous but keeps perfect time!  I'm very pleased with your workmanship and attention to detail.  Bob in Kennewick, WA

Just received my "new" Accutron and it is beautiful! Thank you very much - what a pleasant experience with your company. I am overwhelmed to say the least. Kind Regards to you and the experts who restored my treasured Accutron. Willard from LaJolla, CA  
I just received my watch, love it, looks and runs like brand new. Have it on right now. My dad would love to see your great work if he was still with us. Thank you again, Vince, Ft Mill, SC

I can’t believe how GREAT the Accutron looks now. I am so excited that this turned out so well and that it was brought back to life. We just could not part with it even when it was in such poor shape. I am so glad that we hung onto it. We were very lucky to have found a company that values these unique watches and are dedicated to keeping to their existence.  We were disappointed that the band we picked did not fit properly, but the band installed looks VERY nice with the face trim.  Many, Many Thanks!   Eva from Rancho Mirage, CA

I received the delivery from FedEx with my two watches today and I couldn't be happier.  It was well worth the money for the repair.  I really love the way they look. I couldn't be happier and if you don't mind thanking the person or persons that worked on it, I appreciate it. I wanted to write up a nice article for you.  Thank you again, I appreciate it. I couldn't be any happier. Have a great day. Al from Middletown, CT

My restored watch just arrived. Absolutely fantastic!  Thank you very much.  Martin, Simi Valley, CA

My watch arrived today. I want to thank you and everyone at your location for everything you have done. The watch looks like the day my parents gave it to me when I graduated college May 1965.  .  My watch arrived today and my face is smiling along with thinking of my parents who gave me the watch when I graduated college May 1965. My love goes out to them and now everytime I look at the time I will be thinking of them and my brother. Thank you again for giving me back the memories this watch gives me.    May everyone have a great holiday season and I wish you all many more years. You do not know how this repair has made me feel and the memories with it. The best and sincere love to everyone. Eric in Stony Brook, NY

My grandpa’s watch is great!  Thank you very much. My mom and I couldn’t be happier.  Excellent work.  Kyle in Friendswood, TX

Picked up my watch on Sunday.  Just missed the FedEx guy on Wednesday but they sent it to  station near me.  I was out of town Thurs-Sat. so got it Sunday.  It was running spot on, right in time and date and I am a super happy camper to have my super beautiful heirloom (to me) watch back and running.  Thankyou to you and whoever else was involved and have a great, great holiday season!  Highest regards,  Bill in Tucson, AZ
I received my new/old Accutron  yesterday and am very pleased.  Thank you for keeping me informed throughout the process.  I hope you survived Florence unscathed.  Please pass on to your watchmakers how impressed I am with their work.  The watch is beautiful.  It has literally been through a war and now appears like new.  It survived jumping out of helicopters, wading through rice paddies, humping through the jungle and swimming in the South China Sea and now is returned to duty. The new band is sized perfectly.  I am glad I found such artisans and craftsmen as Old Father Time to care for it.  Many thanks,  Al, Carnation, WA

My Accutron is running great and it looks great with the new brown lizard band.  We were wondering how much they sold for new.  It’s a 1971, 10KGF, model 214, pretty plain, no date.  Your attention to this is appreciated.  Danny, Bastrop, TX

Received my Accutron watch back and it is beautiful! You’ve done a stunning job.  Thank you! I wish I had done this years ago.  Dr. Michael in Missouri

Thank you for your prompt and great help.  Followed your recommendations which could not have been better.  It has certainly been our pleasure to have found you and want to commend you on the excellent work you are doing and hopefully will be doing for many years to come.  Thanks again, Delilah in Jacksonville, FL

Aloha, I received the watch this afternoon and I'm very impressed--it's sparkling and the new band is so perfect :-)))!!!  Thanks for everything, Steve in Honolulu, HI

I received my 2181 fully restored Accutron. The watch is exactly as I remembered it when it was given to me 52 years ago by my wife, now deceased, as a wedding present. It makes me very happy. I can't remember the method for setting the time and day. I can't find anything specific to the 2181 on the internet. Can you send instructions?  With great appreciation, Arthur, El Cerrito, CA
Reply:  Thanks Arthur.  Glad you asked.  The Accutron Setting Instructions are found here on the OFT website:  Accutron Setting Instructions

WOW, just got my watch, WOW. Is amazing, set to West coast time and RIGHT on time.   WOW.  Thank You So Much.  Did I say WOW!?!?!    Paul in Las Vegas

I received my watch back to day.  Your restoration was beautiful. My father treasured this watch and It came to me after he died, Thanks so much for the wonderful Job.  Bill in Port Murray

Received my repaired Accutron and have used it for several days - works perfectly!!  Appreciate the excellent job!!!  Bob, Sun City, Arizona

I received my watch today, with the beautiful new band attached.   Thank you for your efforts, time, & commitment to customer satisfaction.  I will no doubt, utilize your services in the future for servicing and timing.  Thank you again.   George in Temecula, California

Wanted to let you know my father-in-laws watch arrived in perfect condition…   It will be a great keepsake for my husband..  I hope you have a great day and Thank you again.  Betty in Marfa, Texas


THANK YOU - My watch arrived today, safe and sound, and it is securely back on my wrist where it belongs! (And where it has lived for - yikes! - 47 years now!!)  I so appreciate the work that Old Father Time has done to keep my watch in such great condition over the years. I wish there was someone who did similar work on me!

Thanks again, so very much.  Cheers,  Gary in Seattle, Washington

A quick note to let you know that the watches have been delivered to me yesterday and that the [Accutron] which was (beautifully) serviced and restored, runs perfectly. Thank you so much. Bruno, New York, NY

My Bulova Accuquartz arrived last week. I am very pleased with the results of your work. I never expected to put the watch on again when it stopped several years ago. Thank you for an outstanding job. Jim, Jacksonville, Florida

I received my father’s watch last week and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. It looks brand new and works like a charm. My father would have been thrilled! Please pass my heartfelt gratitude on to the person who worked on the watch. Thank you. Catherine, Raleigh, North Carolina

My accustom continues on time. I doubted I would ever be able to wear it again but now am so glad your people were able to repair it. Over the years I have collected some very expensive watches but now may never put them on again with my accutron running. Thank you!  Albert in Albertville, Alabama

My watch arrived today, March 29th, as scheduled.  It is in great shape and running on time.  It looks brand new and will be worn with pride every day.  Thanks to all at OFT for your good work.  Later, Dean in Sun City, Arizona

Just want to say that I just received my repaired watch an it is beautiful.  I wish my father could see it. Thank you.
...later appended I felt considering that this watch was an antique and, very sentimental to me I was very lucky I chose your watchmakers for my repair.  I'm very proud to wear it.  Thx again and best regards to you and your watchmakers.    Greg in Lake Panasoffkee

Bright and shiny. Looks gorgeous. Humming along wonderfully.  This replaces one I bought in 1969 that was stolen. I'm selling the Rolex.  Thanks Robert A.

Just wanted to let you know that my watch arrived home today and looks like new, a appear to be in good working order. Just a side note, this watch was originally my father's and I was going through some old files and found the original Accutron Tool for opening the Battery compartment.  David in Hartfield, Virginia

Thank you, my watch just arrived.  It is perfect. Probably better than it was when my father bought all those many years ago.  He wore it for many years and it really showed.  It was in rough shape.  I am amazed at case, it hasn't looked that good in decades.  Thank you and all who were involved in restoring the watch.  David, Alexandria, Virginia

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent work -- as always -- on my Spacevue Accutron.  You always do exactly what I expect timely and fairly. It arrived as promised on the day you indicated .. and Federal Express even had a pen ready for us to use when we signed the receipt. The watch runs and looks great.  Thanks!  Brad, Geneva, New York

I received my Accutron today, and it looks beautiful--even better than  brand new.  Thank you all so very much.  You've got my business for life.  I never thought I'd see that watch run again.  You also did a great job picking out the vintage display case.  It
 also in great condition.  Thank you again, Michael in Odenton, Maryland

My watch arrived today looking really fine. Seems to be keeping perfect time, too. Thank you for the efficient, professional service and attention to detail.  (The appraisal packet is a wonderful addition.)  Thank you, Bob, from Orlando, Florida

Thank you to all who made the watch look brand new.  Tom was so surprised and has worn it daily since he received it for his birthday.  It really is beautiful!!  Thank you and your team so much!  Cindy in Clearwater, South Carolina

This is just a brief note to express how pleased I am with the fine restoration work by OFT on my timepiece and all the assistance you provided.  Best regards, Brian in Washington, DC

I have received the watches and all I can say is ......  Thank you so much They both are beautiful!!!  Y'all are the greatest!!!!  Again Thank you so much!!!!!!!   If you ever need a customer satisfaction comment or vote of confidence to any "Doubting Thomas" who is interested in an Accutron just let me know I will be glad to talk to them...   In closing I want to send you my other "spaceview " for y'all to service.  Andy, Pageland, South Carolina

Just a quick note to let you know I received my watch [Accutron],. It turned out beautifully! Thank you so much. As I mentioned, it was my grandfather
, so it has a lot of sentimental value and I'm so glad you were able to restore it and get it running again. Thank you for a wonderful job!  All the best, Ed in Seattle, WA

I have received my watch and am extremely pleased.  The quality of work in the finished product is exceptional as well as your correspondence and updates. I highly recommend your services.
Thank you.  Sincerely, Allison in Live Oak, FL

I received the watch [Accutron], and it looks fantastic. In a world of reduced expectations and increased fraud, it is refreshing to find honest people working a craft. Please pass on my gratitude to the team for resurrecting my father-in-law
 watch [Accutron],. He has passed, but it means a lot to my wife and will be an heirloom for our son once I'm done showing it off.   Thank you, Ryan in Dublin, California

LOVE my watch [Accutron],!  Worth every penny!  Thank you, David, Wheatland, Wyoming
My baby arrived today .. I am so excited.  Thank you and your people so very much ... now I feel "normal" and not naked!   Hugs, Bobby, San Antonio, Texas
I received the watch [Accutron], last week and love it,   What a great job of restoration and I hope to enjoy it for another 52 years!  HaHa, but I know two guys that will be vying  for it in the future.  Sincerely, Jack, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Been wearing since yesterday.  Meaningful....  Dad loved this watch [Accutron], at an age 20 years my junior today, and I remember it well.  Thank you for restoring this watch [Accutron], and attached memories for us "both".  Paul, Lititz, Pennsylvania

I just want to report in and let you know that my Vintage Bulova Accutron arrived here on Friday, May19 and in great shape.  Please convey to the artist that repaired this unique timepiece that I am absolutely delighted with the repair work that was performed.  I have been wearing the watch [Accutron], constantly and, as expected, it keeps perfect time.  As a safety precaution and in order to preserve the now pristine condition and appearance of the watch [Accutron],, I do not wear it when engaged in any kind of tasks here around the house that would put the watch in harms way.  Henry in Delaware, Ohio
I received my watch [Accutron], today and oh my, it
 absolutely stunning.  You just don't see craftsmanship like this anymore--not anywhere.  I just wanted you all to know how pleased I am with your work.  I received this watch almost exactly 50 years ago as a graduation present from my parents.  A friend was here while I was unpackaging my Accutron today and he couldn't believe it was 50 years old.  Thank you so much, John in Salisbury, Maryland

I received my watch in good shape last week and I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with its performance.  No one will ever touch this watch again, other than you, and that includes batteries,  My sincere thanks for restoring my graduation present from 1968.  Regards, James in Centennial, Colorado

I just received my Anniversary Bulova Spaceview back from a complete restoration by Old Father Time and I am completely thrilled.  MY watch was not running, had a deep scratch in the chapter ring (from a previous service job when the movement was incorrectly taken out) - and the case was heavily worn.  The paint on the original hands was flaking off and falling into the movement. In other words, it was in poor shape.  After about 2 months of work my Accutron was shipped back to me (the best packing job I've ever seen - took me about 4 minutes to get thru all of the careful packing). My Accutron Spaceview looks brand new - the chapter ring looked brand new, the hands were NOS replacements, the case had been polished to a mirror finish and the correct bevel markings were restored. The oddball crystal was replaced with an NOS piece and -  oh yeah - my Accutron hums and keeps time like its supposed to.  Getting this work done was worth every penny. If you have a Spaceview that needs help I would highly recommend Old Father time.   Jerome, Fredericksburg, Virginia
BTW, I don't think I shared this, but my Accutron was purchased new by my father.  He passed away a couple years back.  He loved this watch, but was sitting for a long time when it stopped working. I originally did some research and was convinced by a "hobbiest" that he could restore it.  Instead my Accutron came back worse.  He left more scratches and even polished the gold to the medal.  My Accutron was working but broke shortly after.  I did not consider sending it back to him to repair.  Anyway, my compliments to your watchmaker.  Truly great looking restoration.  Juan, Fremont, California
Thank you for all you assistance with my watch.  You have been most helpful. I assume the battery lasts around a year so, next year around this time I will be getting back in touch for the battery replacement.  Again thank you and take good care.  Cheers,  Ernest, Lafayette, Colorado
As I was out of town late last week, I had the package held at a local FedEx facility and was able to pickup yesterday. Thank you for the tracking information. I must tell you that I am absolutely delighted with the results!  My Accutron is much more beautiful than I had ever imagined and the person for whom it is intended will be thrilled as it belonged to his father who recently passed. You all are true artisans. Thank you very much for all of your efforts, as well as your persistence and professionalism despite our unexplained communication difficulties.  Again, thank you for breathing new life into a treasured timepiece. I know that it will continue to be loved for many years and generations to come.  Best,Corey, Atlanta, Georgia

Never have I received so much professionalism from anyone or company.  I know it takes time but as a customer I appreciate it.  Thanks again, Dana, Bakersfield, California

Note to tell of arrival home of my beloved Bulova Accutron Astronaut. In addition to working well, it has the outstanding appearance of a new timepiece. Once again, thank you Old Father Time,  Technicians, Craftsmen and Staff for a job well done! Y'all must have a large loyal customer base of existing and new customers as well. Frankly, dunno why any Bulova Accutron end user would let anyone else work on their beloved timepiece. It
 beyond me for a fact. Anyways, thank you again, Louis, Woodlands, Texas

I just received my Bulova Accutron Astronaut watch, and could not be more pleased. I saw on your web site that you occasionally come across original watchbands. If you ever get one for my watch please let me know, I would be interested. Thanks again. Robert, Glen Cove, New York

Thank you for all you did to restore my watch.  It
 beautiful!  What a great way to relive the past.   About how long will the battery last and are replacement batteries easier to find?  Leon, Chico, California

Much thanks. I just want to express again how grateful I am that your firm was able to repair this watch. It is the only gift I have from my grandmother, who gave it to me when I was a teenager. It has not been functional for many years. I was so thrilled to open the box yesterday and find my Accutron: fully functional, keeping perfect time, and bright, shiny and clean. Much thanks, again. -- Mike, Portland OR

Watch arrived this afternoon.  It looks like brand new.  the time is accurate.  What a Great job you did.  Thanks,  John, Dallas TX

Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with the work done there to my 1960 Accutron.  It turned out better than I could have imagined!  It is beautiful, and runs great...I wear it daily now.  Thanks, again, for the great service.  I mentioned your restoration to AWCI
 President , who is working on a couple of old Hamilton watches for me...he knew of you and told me you'd do great work, and you did.  Sincerely,  Charlie, Crownsville MD

Just a few lines to let you know that I received my fully restored Deep Sea 666 Accutron .  What a wonderful job and excellent workmanship!! I wore it to work today and got a lot of great comments and complements. Everything was done as I expected, and as described in your website.  I was impressed by how well it was packaged and protected -- many thanks for a job well done.  Cheers from a very very happy customer!!   Please feel free to post these comments.  Sincerely, Ben, Helotes TX

I'm very glad to tell you that our overall assessment of OFT is excellent.  My Accutron looks wonderful, and my husband is very glad to have it again.  We spent a long time searching for you, and we're very glad we found you.  Our local watchmaker had declared it a lost cause, but we were not prepared to accept that assessment.  Your excellent customer service instilled confidence in us, sufficient to entrust you with a favorite watch.  Thanks for being so communicative, and especially, for explaining the process of restoring my Accutron.   Kindest regards,  Harriet, Bellingham WA

Thank you, my Accutron arrived today and it is lovely. I am so happy to have it back, looking perfect and humming along like the good Accutron it is.  Louis, Palo Alto, California

I just thought I would give you an update on my watch.  For the month of August it was 15 seconds slow.  I have quartz watches that are not that accurate!  I greatly appreciate all you did to restore my watch.  It looks great and is obviously keeping excellent time.  Thank you.SMK, Pawtucket, RI

My watch arrived and it
 perfect. Thanks so much..... Very happy!!    Regards Chris, Anaheim, California

I received my Accutron Space View watch a few days ago and I want to thank everyone at Old Father Time for doing such a great job in restoring it to like new condition.  My parents bought this watch for me upon my high school graduation in June 1970 and it has tremendous sentimental value.  When I opened the package and saw it with that lizard skin black strap I immediately recalled seeing the Space View for the first time in the display case at the Jewelers in Waterbury, CT when I accompanied my mom to that store for something she was picking up.  Mom saw how much I liked the Accutron and decided it would make a great graduation gift.  I was completely surprised when I opened the box in June 1970.  If memory serves me, the cost of my Accutron in 1970 was about $150.00 so it was, at the time, a big-ticket item.  You not only restored my Accutron but my memories as well.  It has been a great conversation piece over the years and I am thrilled to have it back.  Again, thank you all so very much for your expertise and craftsmanship in restoring my Accutron Space View.  It is much appreciated.  Sincerely,  Steve, Wolcott, CT

Received my 2 Accutrons today and upon initial examination, could not be happier.  Their condition was immaculate and technically seem perfect.  The work and experience was heads above  the level of what the last self proclaimed Accutron  "savant" [expert] performed.  Again thanks for quality work.  Also please be on the lookout for a FedEx shipment contains an Astronaut that I am sending for service.  It should be there next week.  Cheers,  Ted, Wake Forest, NC

Just received my watch by FED-EX. I am very pleased with your service , watch looks great and seems to be running just right.  Thanks, Steve, St. Johnsbury, VT

Again WOW!! Thank you very much!! Received the Space View watch Friday . Just beautiful like new condition and keeping accurate time. Please give the watchmaker my heart felt Thanks for a job well done!! Very pleased with the restoration.  Jay, Los Angeles, California

My watch arrived today, safe and beautifully sound. Wow!  What an absolutely fabulous job you all did.  It is splendid.  Like new!  I thank you so much for your stellar work.  Michael, Palm Springs, California

Watches are great and running beautifully, nice complements on them,,,,, Again thank you, your workmanship is outstanding,,,,,, your watch maker does beautiful / outstanding work :-) Sincerely,George  

Thank you very much for doing a wonderful job overhauling my 1967 214 Accutron.  My Accutron looks as new as it was displayed at the retail store for sale.  It took months of hard work to save up the money to buy it.  Now, I'm hoping to use my Accutron for many more years to come.  Again, thank you very much for taking a good care of my mechanical friend.  Ryuhi

Just a note to say I got my watch back in perfect condition.  It looks and runs great.  Thank you,  Dennis

I have received my Accutron.  It looks beautiful and appears to be running smoothly.  Thanks so much. Howard

The only thing i can say is that my Accutrons are magnificent :-)  !!!!!!!!!  Thank You, Sincerely, George

I have the Bulova in my hands now - WOW it is beautiful! (Did you see it finished?).  I'll be putting on the burgundy strap; that should really make a nice "statement"!  Thanks for all your patience and help with this project.  Much appreciated,  Karl

Thank you so much for repairing my watch.  I am very satisfied with it.  Its beautiful and working great.  Looks like it did the first day I bought it.  We appreciate all your work you did on it.  Have a blessed day.  Again thanks.  Lucille and Wayne
As I told you when I received my Accutron from you guys back in December, it looked better than I recall when it was new some 50 years ago. Now I wanted to let you know it keeps better time than it ever has in all those years.   Your staff set my Accutron before returning it to me and I've not touched it until resetting for Daylight Time last week.  Total time error, as measured against an atomic clock we have, was just a couple of seconds more than two minutes.  So, assuming it was set about December 1st, that
 two plus minutes in three and a half months.   Better than when it was new! I just wanted to let you know that I continue to be pleased and thankful for the wonderful work restoring this watch my wife gave me so many years ago.  All the best, David
THANK YOU so much for you lovely work on my father's watch.  Your work is outstanding and will be highly recommended!  Frank
Just a note: My OFT-repaired Accutron Spaceview watch arrived by FedEx this afternoon... It looks simply "spectacular" and brand new! I'm so looking forward to once again wearing and enjoying this very special family keepsake.  Please pass along my sincere thank you to the OFT watchmaker responsible for the repair, to the OFT staff for the case polishing, and especially to you -- for staying in touch by email.  With my appreciation and warm regards,  Tom
Many thanks for a great job on restoring my watch.  I look forward to sending it back to you next year for battery replacement . Once again, thanks and great job!
...received and it's beautiful! Until next time, thanks!
I would just like take a minute to let you know I received my watch yesterday, it does not even look like my Accutron I went you! Thank you very much a real first class job! I do not have much from my deceased father so this watch means allot to me even though it is not an expensive watch. Thank you for really doing a great job! It is very much appreciated!  Denny
Just wanted to drop you a line to compliment you on the repair of my 1970 Accutron Railroad Watch. Your work is flawless! Thank you.  Hans

Received my repaired spaceview yesterday and it is beautiful as it was new. I thank you for your prompt and quality service. It only needed a crystal this time. But you guys completely restored this watch 2 years ago for my wife to give me for Christmas and the result then was shocking.  thanks, Jim in Stevensville, MD


Just want to thank you for the service you rendered in honoring your guarantee in repairing my Accutron Watch, as swell as the fine way it was prepared for shipping it back to me.  I am well pleased in the fine workmanship that was rendered on the completed overhaul.   My Accutron is now keeping perfect time and looks great.  I will be sure to have you change the battery when it is  no longer is functioning.  Sincerely, Barney

My Accutron actually arrived in Portland late last week (Thursday, I believe.)  I was volunteering at a golf tournament, so was not at home when they tried to deliver it the first time.  I had them hold it for me at their facility in Lake Oswego.  I picked it up Monday afternoon.   Wow! It looks brand new, just like it did when I took it out of the box nearly 50 years ago, and it is keeping great time, too.  :-)  Thanks again for the wonderful service.  Sincerely,  Jim

My watch was received in perfect condition, and running fine.  Thanks for your great service and good work!!  

Just a quick note to say Thank You. My Accutron looks beautiful and have had nothing but compliments on the great job you guys did. Again, Thank You.  Al

Just wanted to let you know that we are still enjoying our two Accutrons you restored a few months ago. They are running like champions ! I seem to have forsaken my Rolex, Breitling and Omegas for them. I've even gotten unsolicited comments about them especially the Space-View. What
 really great is the look on their faces when I let them listen to them. Again , thanks for the great job. I remember my Uncle each time I see it. Best wishes, William

I expected a longer waited and this announcement has me very excited.  Thank you. Tom

Note to tell of arrival home of my beloved Bulova Accutron Astronaut. In addition to working well, it has the outstanding appearance of a new timepiece. Once again, thank you Old Father Time, Technicians, Craftsmen and Staff for a job well done! Y'all must have a large loyal customer base of existing and new customers as well. Frankly, dunno why any Bulova Accutron end user would let anyone else work on their beloved timepiece. Is beyond me for a fact. Anyways, thank you again,Louis

Woooooooooooooohoooooo !  Just received the two Accutrons that were restored by you recently. Invoice #s 9983 and 9984.   Fantastic ! Wonderful ! Beyond expectations ! Wonderful job !

Thanks , can't take them off. Love the green strap and Spaceview crystal. Love the polish job on the Asymetric. Looks just like when they left the jewelry store. Glad I got with the best. The results are stunning ! Thank you so much. William

I received my watch in excellent shape and it is beautiful.  Thank you very much for returning my late father  retirement watch to full function.  I will wear it proudly. Do you also service Ladies  Accutron watches?  I have one that is non-working and in need of restoration.  Your website only really shows men, so I wanted to ask before sending.  Sam

Just a note to thank you and all at OFT for the incredible job you did on the repair of my Astronaut Accutron watch that was returned to me today.   It looks and runs like new.  I have a 1972 Spaceview gold plated Accutron  I will be sending in for cleaning. It was a graduation present in 1972 and has worked perfectly since then but due to its value now I thought I should have it cleaned.  Thank you again for the excellent work.  Best regards,  David

Really appreciate the fine work you did on my Accutron Spaceview (invoice xxxxxxx).  Suppose you've heard this before ... but it looks as good as new and works great.  It has sentimental value to me as it was a college graduation present from my mother in 1969, and she passed away many years ago.  I was the Director of Metrology for Hewlett-Packard test equipment for many years. We made cesium beam clocks among other things.  Visited the center of time traceability at BIPM in Paris in 2002.  Dr. Wallard was the Director Generale at the time.  Dave 

Once again, you're the best! I received the new battery on Saturday and immediately installed it in my watch. It started humming, the hands were moving, and I reset it to the current ADT. It's running great and again I'm enjoying it .   Thank you, so much.  Rudee

Thanks so very much for the prompt service , I love my watch and love doing business with your company .   Mike

I received my Bulova Space View in good order. Your firm 'Old Father Time' did a fine job of restoring my Accutron. Now it will be a fine heritage piece to pass on! Thank you to your meticulous technicians. Mark

My Accutrons arrived at the office last week.  I picked them up this morning.  Thanks very much for the great work.  My Accutron came back today and it seems to be running fine.  Let 's
 hope what was fixed remains “fixed”.  Thank you for attending to the matter promptly and with courtesy.  Much appreciated!

I just received my Bulova Accutron Astronaut watch, shop order 9735 and could not be more pleased. I saw on your web site that you occasionally come across original watchbands. If you ever get one for my watch please let me know, I would be interested. Thanks again.

Thank you for all you did to restore my watch.  It
 beautiful!  What a great way to relive the past.  About how long will the battery last and are replacement batteries easier to find?  Leon

I've received my Accutron.  It turned out great.  Many thanks,  Steve

I received my Accutrons this morning.  The repair watch looks great and I am already wearing it.  I assume that the gasket and ring and small screws, along with the strap, pins and battery in the small bag are what was removed from my Accutron.  If so, is there any reason I should keep them?  Thanks, It
 truly been a pleasure to have used your services.  Dana in Savannah
I should have written this weeks ago but with kids, it
 hard to get free time.  You absolutely made My YEAR!  my Accutron is truly a piece of art.  The entire extended family was blown away.  Our older sister just kept raving over it.  Such an iconic piece and just perfectly restored.  The work you did on the band was icing on the cake.  My dad just kept saying he had never seen a band with the tuning forks and to see them pop due to the exceptional job you did, is a work of art.  Just can't express enough how much we enjoy this piece and will enjoy it for years to come.  Love Cindy
Watch runs and looks great.  Super service.  Thank you, Glen in Massachusetts
I received my watch last week and am very pleased with the repairs.  It occurred to me that after all the interaction you have with customers, no one ever writes back to say thanks, or that they even got it........So.....I got it and Thanks!!  Ray in Sequim, WA
It is always a joy to unwrap my Accutron with its freshly polished crystal and new battery humming inside.  Thanks for your excellent service.  I've never regretted spending the money to have this watch restored to its original condition.  Your service has made it a true heirloom for my son, although I hope it
 many years before he receives it!  Thanks again, David in Mebane
I went to FEDEX office last night and picked up my watch.  I'm wearing it today and waiting to see how it all works out.  As before, my Accutron is beautifully restored/renovated and I'm quite pleased with OFT.  I'll keep you posted, one way or the nother.  As Jimmy Buffet says, "Only time will tell if this was time well spent."  Thank you, Rudee In Anchorage
Just received it and it looks magnificent!  I have set it and am hoping for Accutron accuracy!  I surely can see the Accutron beauty.  Thanks so much.  Joseph in Virginia Beach
Dear OFT:  I just received my watch in the FEDEX today.  I wanted you to know how please I am with the work your watchmakers did in restoring it.  It looks as beautiful as it did the day my father and I purchased it as a graduation gift for high school in 1972.  Amazing!!  Please pass along my thanks to everyone at OFT who was involved in this work.  I will highly recommend you at any time.  Best regards, Keith in Naperville
Dear Bulova Service Manager:  I want to share with you the great experience I had while getting my Bulova Accutron 2181 repaired by Old Father Time.  My family was in the restaurant business and I wore my Accutron every day at work.  It took a pretty good beating over the twenty-five years I worked in the family business.  My Accutron stopped running and sat for over ten years.  My Accutron was in pretty bad shape, the crystal was very scratched, the face discolored fro moisture, the gold chipped and scratched, the second hand bent, and the workings damaged from moisture.  As a thirtieth anniversary present, my wife restored it since she knew what my Accutron meant to me.

After researching, I decided to send it to OFT.  I was impressed with the OFT details on how to ship my Accutron.  My responses from OFT were quick and the quote for repair arrived promptly.  I signed the Estimate in mid-June and expected my watch returned in early to mid August.  I exchanged several emails and always received responses the same day or next day.  I was surprised to learn that my was was ready to ship in late July.  Wow, a quick turnaround that let me take my watch on vacation and share the restoration with my father.  From day one, my Accutron would lose about three minutes a week, and now it appears to be keeping excellent time.  I can't say enough on how happy I am with the restoration of my Accutron by OFT.  It
 great to hold my Accutron to my ear and once again hear the hum of the tuning fork.  The photos I've included do not do justice to the restoration.  Kurt, Maryland

I really love my new Accutron 214 (Double Hour) Railroad watch.  Thanks William in Lafayette, IN
I just received my watch in the FEDEX delivery.  I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the work your watchmakers did in restoring my Accutron.  It looks as beautiful a sit did the day my father and I purchased it as a graduation gift from high school in 1972.  AMAZING!  Pass along my thanks to everyone at OFT who was involved in the work.  I will highly recommend you at any time.  Keith in Naperville
Sorry I did not get back with you earlier.  I received my watch some time ago, and could not be happier.  My Accutron looks like the day my parents bought it for me in 1972.  Please thank the watchmakers for a job well done!  Kurt in Maryland
I just got my 2181 Accutron back and it looks and runs great! Thank you, Frank in Houston
I received my watch today after the reconditioning/renewal done by the craftsmen (and women) at Old Father Time.  This 50 year old watch that hasn't run in years, looks better that I remember it when my mother first gave it to me in 1966.  It literally brought tears to my eyes.  It was running and showing the correct time upon arrival because you had already pre-set it to my time zone.  Your attention to detail is amazing.  I'll definitely be returning it to you for any future servicing and battery changes  (refers to OFT Battery Promotion) that may arise.  Time will tell, but from my point of view, the craftsmanship and quality of work done are of the highest order.  Don't hesitate to give my name as reference to anyone from Alaska inquiring about services.  Thank you again, Rudee in Alaska
Received the Bulova Accutron 666 today and it is beautiful...the attention to detail and the workmanship is beyond any expectation I had...the re-luminizing job is particularly impressive in keeping with the vintage look.  Thank you for being patient with me and it was well worth the wait.  Please pass along my high praise to the watchmaker involved.  George in Illinois
I got my Accutron today on the second delivery attempt. My Accutron looks like new and runs beautifully.  Please thank the watchmaker for me.  George in Tucson
We wanted you to know how very pleased we are with the beautiful restoration of my husband
 Accutron that once belonged to my father.  I can't tell you how much it means to us both to see this vintage timepiece looking like new and working again.  Thank you for your patient guidance through this process.  Susan in Michigan
I did receive my Accutron and it looks and runs great.  There
 only one problem, I don't want to wear it because it looks so good!!  I do have one question, in the little bag with the old parts inside there is a small copper/gold colored tube that says 'open slowly with caution'.  What is this?  Great job.  Thanks, Steve in Philadelphia.
Reply:  The tiny "can" you mention is the original shipping container for the microscopic part replaced in your watch.  The can now holds your "old" component, since the new one was installed in my Accutron.  Our watchmakers always return all parts that were replaced.  Seeing these 50 year-old packaging containers is just another way of knowing that you're receiving "Genuine Bulova Accutron, NEW/OLD STOCK PARTS" with Old Father Time.  We never cannibalize one watch to repair another.  That
 just trading one used, 50-year-old part for another.
I picked up my Accutron you repaired, from FEDEX today, and I wanted to drop you a note for the quick turnaround.  My Accutron looks amazing.  I could hear the famous humming come out of the package before I saw it (something which it has not done in years).  My Dad is going to be so excited when he gets his old watch back.  Thanks again, Ben in Annapolis
My watch arrived today, better than ever.  Thank you so very much!!  One question, there was a battery in a small envelope.  I assume it
 used and I can discard it?  Gary in Seattle
Reply:  Yes, we return ALL removed parts, even the battery, so yes, you can certainly discard it.
Just got my Accutron, Looks great!!!  Pass along my thanks to the shop!!  Greg in Indiana
All the superlatives in the testimonials in your website can be applied to my wonderful Accutron Astronaut Mark II.  It is gorgeous!  Please thank your professional for this proud Accutron owner.  Larry in Prairie Village
Just a note to say that I received my watch.  Thanks so much--it's  working perfectly and looks great!  Regards, John in Chicago
I just received my watch.  To say the least I am very impressed with the quality of work done by your company.  I was a little concerned with the price of repair but the more research I did on Accutrons, the more I learned that the value is in the last service and service company.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  David in Brighton
Please thank the watchmaker who serviced my watch for doing such an excellent job.  You people do amazing work.  I reset my watch yesterday in honor of daylight savings time and it had gained only 12 seconds since I set it when it came back from the [promotional] battery installation last June. Lee in Connecticut
Thank you all so much.  God bless all of you and thanks again.  My father would be proud.  Ken, Ft. Myers
Thanks for the work on my watch -- got it back and love hearing the old high pitched whine as it seems to be working as good as new.  Again, thanks Jeff in Arizona
Received the package last Thursday and just want to say WOW!!  My Accutron looks like new and beautiful.  Thank you and your watchmaker team for doing a wonderful restoration job!  Much Thanks, Jay in Louisiana
I'm writing to inform you that I signed for the shipment [of my watch] at about 9:25 a.m. or thereabouts.  You guys must get your packaging tape for free!  This watch would've survived a free fall from 35,000 feet.  When I finally opened the [package], I remembered the reason I'd bought my Accutron to begin with.  It was like going back in time.  I, being very cynical, expected to find a "reconstructed" watch with a Swiss or Japanese quartz movement installed.  I put my Accutron to my ear and the unforgettable hum was there as well as the silky smooth sweep of the second hand (smoother than a Precisionist).  I bought my Accutron because I needed a reliable timepiece.  When I transferred to gripping Cable Cars, my Bulova just couldn't take the abuse.  It may have been the violent shaking from the grip or the rain.  I bought a Rolex Oyster GMT Master.  It was rugged enough but doesn't keep very good time.  The [Accutron} is on my wrist, as I write, but I'm no longer in situations that would cause harm to my Accutron.  By the way, my wife likes it.  She was with me when I purchased it so many years ago.  Please thank the watchmakers and craftsmen who painstakingly brought my beloved Accutron back to life.  I remain gratefully yours, Fernando in California.
Hello to the terrific staff at OFT.  I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the service you performed on my M9 214 Astronaut.  You guys always make me happy and I never realized how much fun it can be owning and maintaining old Accutrons.  It is nice to be involved in one way or another with an item that not many people know about or even realize existed.  Am I that old that I remember Accutrons back in my youth?  No need to answer that.  Thanks again, Brett, NY
Thanks for the return e-mail and phone information you provided to me last week about my watch.  The Accutron works fine now since I have been wearing it on my wrist for most of the day.  I had no idea that wearing it made any difference at all.  Watch makers do not get enough credit for crafting their masterpieces and neither do the people who repair them.  Thanks for that.  Thanks again, also, for being willing to reimburse me to send my Accutron back to you but I am good to go now.  You guys did a great job fixing it and my Accutron looks terrific.  Till next time, then.  George in Tucson
I received my Accutron watch and professional appraisal last Friday. I am highly satisfied as your service has exceeded my expectations.  Firstly, from your initial response to my inquiry, the timeliness of the estimate for repair, completion of the repair more expeditiously than anticipated, the alert by FedEx prior to delivery, the careful packaging to insure it would arrive safely and last, but not least, my Accutron looks and runs just like new!  I am so delighted that I can pass my Father's watch to my son for his use after over 15 years of not being used. Everything about the work is so professional and with the new watchband, it really is as handsome as when my Mother and I gifted it to my Father.  Again, thank you so very much for such outstanding service.  We will certainly use your service in the future to maintain this important family heirloom—the sentimental value is of the greatest importance to us.  Beryl K in New Jersey
I find myself overwhelmed with appreciation regarding the O.F.T.  restoration of my beloved Bulova Accutron Astronaut. The work y'all have completed is beyond any tenable expectation I could possess. Even my family, as well as previously mentioned, my twin brother has expressed how grand it looks.  Thank you again and again O.F.T. et al for such extraordinary craftsmanship and for a 'beyond any expectation possible' restoration of my beloved Bulova Accutron Astronaut. You are all quite appreciated, Louis and Debbie in Texas
Thanks, my Accutron arrived today and it looks like a brand new watch!  Pat in San Jose
Again I gotta say, thank you O.F.T.  for an outstanding Restore on my beloved Bulova Accutron Astronaut. The work completed is way beyond expectations, simply outstandingly, well, your work is quite outstanding. Thank you O.F.T., your Staff, your Technicians, your Craftsman, All y'all are way beyond outstanding! Thank you,  P.S. Oh, and I wanna be specific here, did I mention that O.F.T. and all involved, are outstanding? 
Louis and Debbie in Texas
I want to confirm I received my Accutron.  It looks and works great!  This was my great-uncles, and I'm thrilled to have it working again!  Thanks, Mark in Maryland
It is humming away here at home right now.  I am so proud to have my grandfather's  watch on my wrist.  Thanks for doing such a nice job and bringing it up to 
Tom in California
I would like to thank everyone that has been involved with the repair of my old watch. Now people are asking me to take a look at it again like they use to.
Thank very much.  Gary in Tucson
I wanted to thank OFT for the restoration of my Dads watch. My mother has it on her wrist and can not stop looking at it. She got very emotional remembering the Love of Her Life.  Thanks again, Debra, in Texas
Just wanted to let you know I received my watch via Fedex at 1045 this morning. It was packaged quite well and no one would have guessed what it contained! Good job! It looks beautiful and seems to be keeping good time. Thanks again for taking care of my baby and getting it back to me before my trip to Fla. People kept asking what happened to it? I guess it had become an integral part of “me” over all these years. Take care, and have a safe and prosperous New Year.  Sincerely, Michael in Gaithersburg
Just received my watch, and WOW!!!!! what a nice job you all did. It was my father
 watch and it looks brand new. THANK YOU for an excellent job and excellent customer service. You don't see that much these days. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in the restoration.  John in Royal Palm Beach

I received my Accutron on November 15 as scheduled and I am very pleased.  It looks great, is keeping accurate time and the tuning fork is “humming beautifully".  When it is time for a battery replacement, I will send it to you.  Thank you for helping preserve my father's watch and my memories of him.   Ben in Savannah

I wanted to thank you very much for the job you did in repairing my grandfather
 bulova.  My local jeweler had told me there were no more parts and nothing could be done.  I found your website and could not have been more pleased with the results.  Not only does it work perfectly, it has never looked better.  In addition, the appraisal is professionally done in all details.  Sincerely, Dr. David, Savannah
You did an incredible job on my Accutron Spaceview!  I love wearing it and fondly think of my father each time I put it on.  He bought it in the late 1970
 and now, it runs as good as then.  My only question is "Do you also work your same miracles on Seikos?"  Thank you again, I'm very pleased with the work you did on my Spaceview.  Timothy of Odenton
I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did restoring this watch. it is my fathers watch, and it had not been working for years.  My sister openly wondered why I would pay so much money for a $300.00 watch to be repaired. Well we gave it to him as a surprise at a family gathering not long ago where all of his (grown) children were attending and we were stunned by his reaction. he was visibly moved when he opened the envelope.  Then he told us the story behind my Accutron. 35 years ago my grandmother died from a bout with Alzheimer
 disease, and this very watch was the last thing she gave him before she lost her memory.  His wife even told us that for the first few nights, he even slept with it on! the work was excellent and he even commented that it looked the same as it did the day it came out of the box. thank you so much. and please do keep up the good work. you now have a loyal customer who will recommend your services to anyone that will ask.  Sincerely, Rudy in Arizona
I received my repaired accutron today and it looks and runs perfect.. Thank you for your great service. I would recommend you to anyone I know that is in need of service.  Thanks,  Tom in Minnesota
My Accutron was received this afternoon via FedEx. Thanks to you and your associate, my Accutron looks great, running and was reading the correct time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again.  Hope you have enjoyed the snow in Virginia. Glad we are in Florida, even though it
 cold, but our warm weather will be back soon.  Bill and Anna
Today  received my 42 year old Accutron watch you so beautifully restored and am thrilled with your work.. Yes, it was an  expensive outlay for me, but given the sentimental value of my Accutron I will not put a price on it.  So thank you for your quality work- my Accutron truly looks as it did the day my parents gave me my Accutron.. I have the feeling my Accutron will outlive me! So, as long the Accutron keeps on ticking (or I should say- humming!) you have my sincerest gratitude.
Best regards to your staff, Jonathan in New Jersey
I just wanted to share with you how nice my watch works. I appreciate all the precision work. I would send you a picture but you already know how nice it looks with the brown band. If you discover that you can get me the “Green” in an X-large, let me know. That's the only thing I would change, but the brown still looks good. Just to let you know, I had a friend offer me a Rolex for my watch. I already have a Submariner, this one is just fine. Best, Peter in California
Thank you so much - it looks lovely and seems to be running great. Our son is just thrilled with it.  He's  wearing it now and just loves it.  Marsha in Tulsa
I received my watch a couple of weeks ago, it looks great. I am so happy I decided to move forward with the restoration. I am reminded of my parents and my youth every time I wear my Accutron. Thanks. Steve

Just letting you know that my Accutron arrived safely this afternoon and seems to be in perfect working order including having the correct time within a few seconds.  Thanks very much, Jim, Acton, MA

Received my watch today. Thank you for your help. As usual, you all have exceeded expectation! Excellent service and customer service.  Thank You, Kevin
Just want to say Thanks for fixing my watch. So far is working great!!! I do have one question, the day I need batteries do I have to send it back to you or did you modified to use a current watch battery?  V/R Rafael  Called Rafael to tell him all about the "Battery Replacement Promotion" we have at Old Father Time.

This is Bob from Florida.  I just love having my beautiful Accutron wrapped around my wrist.  There are emotions attached to this watch that spread beyond reason.  But I am so happy to have it back.

Thank you very much for standing behind your work.  Not all businesses do that these days.  As I mentioned when I called, I bought this watch as a young Air Force pilot during the glory days of the NASA astronauts' program.  I think John Glenn may have modeled this watch for Bulova....   [After years] I finally wrote to Bulova and they referred me to you.  Thanks to Old Father Time, my 40 year old Astronaut looks like new again.  Thank you for restoring my watch and some very dear memories.  Jack

Just a note to let you know my 214 was received in beautiful condition with the appraisal this morning.  Thank you. Jim

I have received my  watch.  Thanks for repairing it.  It looks like new.  Richard
 I am in receipt of my refurbished watch and I couldn't be happier. It looks better than I ever remember and even runs more quietly than I ever remember. This college graduation gift from my parents 40 years ago means a great deal to me. Thanks you so much for the restoration. M. Glen

Thank you for your kind service.  I received my Accutron in excellent condition.   Sincerely,  George M

Received my Accutron back yesterday after your complete repair. Watch looks awesome and running fine. A big thank you to all who had anything to do with the repair and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Safe New Year.  Regards, Wade

Just to give you an update and thanks, my Accutron was received in perfect condition and is working great!!!  Have a great Holiday, Charlie

Thank you very much for an excellent job of repairing and cleaning my Accutron Model 2180 Watch.  My watch arrived the other day well packaged and in perfect condition. This watch looks beautiful and you did an outstanding job.  This watch was sitting in an old dresser that belonged to my Father-in-law who has passed away several years ago.  My Wife Beth is thrilled and glad that I can wear this watch as it holds a lot of sentimental value as my Wife remembers her Dad wearing this watch daily. Thank you again.  I will recommend anyone who has an old Accutron to contact you directly. -- Best regards, Stephen in Connecticut
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you guys what a fantastic  job OFT did on my Grandfathers watch. Everything was perfect! I was 10 years old when I first saw my Accutron when my parents gave it to my PaPaw for Christmas of 1972, it was brand new then. He was the County Commissioner .....near the border of Oklahoma and ran a crew of men that would take care of all the rural roads. He was a very well known and loved man where he lived. He passed away when I was just 18. About a year later my Grandmother gave me his Accutron and said how much he liked to wear it. Flash forward to when I'm a young Airman. One of the things [we needed to do] was to make sure our wills were current and up to date. One of the last things I did before I left was to make sure that watch was passed down to my Grandson if I was KIA. Well I'm here to tell the tale and pass my Accutron down to my Grandson John when the time is right. It was very important to me that my Accutron be in fine working order when the time comes to pass it along and I have Old Father Time to thank for that. Thank you One and all at Old Father Time.  Link in Abilene
You have repaired my Accutron Deep Sea and done such a wonderful job. I set my Accutron on 24  May 2012 using www.time.gov.  As of today it has lost 39 seconds. I am very happy with your service.  Thank you so much, Lee in CT
Thanks for the amazing restoration of my watch.  I truly appreciate the attention to detail and, moreover, the mere fact that there are still people who even know how to refurbish such a classic / antique timepiece.  It
 great to hear that tuning fork hum alive and well again.  Bobby in Tulsa
My Accutron looks great, just as I remember it when my dad wore it. He showed off that watch to everyone. Please thank the person that fixed it.  Thanks Allan
My watch arrived today, and I am spellbound with it. The restoration was well worth the expense, I cant thank you enough. It is truly fabulous, magical, and weirdly wonderful to hear its voice again.  Post its photo and this testimonial on your website.  Spellbound and rapt. P.S: Having been asleep for so long, I named it "Van Winkle".  David in GA
Picked her up on Thursday, now back home. Absolutely superb, surpassed my expectations !!
Thanks once again. Iain, UK
My watch arrived today - Thank you all SO much - it looks fantastic!  I am ridiculously happy to be wearing it again, and am so grateful to you and the others at Old Father Time for the great care you all have taken with it!  Thanks again - Best regards, --GT
I got my Accutron today, and I have to tell you I could not be happier.  Looks just as good as the day my mother gave it to my father nearly 50 years ago.  All the best to you guys, and thanks again.  Steve, in Virginia
You guys are awesome.  I  Love my watch, which I purchased from you about 10 years ago.  Not a day goes by without receiving a compliment from someone or, often "hey I used to have one of those....".  Thanks very much, Dr. Tom in Ohio
Just a quick question, Is it better to keep my Accutron running, or best to remove the battery and store my Accutron?? I wear it 10 to 15 time
 a year. It has been over 2 years since the professional
 there performed their magic and brought my favorite watch of my life back to running PERFECT!! again. I am getting 13 to 14 month
 life on a battery. My complements to all of you there for a QUALITY repair.  Thank you for your time, Mark in New York. 
My Accutron came. It looks lovely. It sounds highly technical. My dad would have been pleased to see it running again and looking spiffy.  Thanks very much, Sean in Kansas
Hello everyone.  I received my NEW [vintage 214 gold filled Spaceview] Accutron today and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am totally impressed with my Accutron and can only thank you in the extreme.  The appearance is outstanding and even the band is so nice. Initially I was somewhat put back by the repair costs, but it has proved worth every penny, and the expertise and care is very evident.  My sincere thanks to you all, and if I am ever in the area, I will stop in and thank you personally.  My best wishes for a Happy New Year.  Jim in Atlanta
Received my Accutron yesterday and it is "as good as new"!  Thank you so much and I'm sure he and I will enjoy it for years to come.
Faye, North Carolina
Thanks to OFT, my 40 year old Accutron has been restored to its original excellence.  I am truly grateful to all involved. 
Now, my goal is to preserve your fine work.  Do you have any suggestions for maintenance and service?  Again, many thanks -- and Merry Christmas.  Ed in California

Just a brief note to say thank you - and to let you know that I'm thrilled with work you all did on my Dad's 218 Spaceview.   I got it back the week before last, and since then it's been purring (or rather humming) like a kitten and keeping very accurate time.   My other watch (a mechanical diver) has in-turn been spending some time lately on the shelf, because I've been simply unable to take this Accutron off of my wrist.   I won't bore you all further 
 I know I wrote a book practically accompanying the 
watch when I sent it in 
 but this was 
my late father's everyday watch and is one of my single most prized possessions.  Getting it working properly again was a project I had literally been putting off for years, and I cannot imagine a better or more personal Christmas gift. 


Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

-John in North Carolina

My Accutron was delivered as scheduled, it looks great, and I'm stoked.  Please pass on my thanks to all.  Sincerely, Charles, Phoenix, AZ

[My Accutron] arrived yesterday.  Looks great and thanks for setting it to Pacific time.  I was surprised at the size of the box.  You pack carefully.  Martin in L.A.

Hope all is well with you and everyone over there.  I received my Dad
 old M1 Accutron a few days ago. I have to tell you I am absolutely floored by the remarkable job that you have done to it. It is just stunning and I'll tell you this, I have seen lots of restoration work done by many different watchmakers and Old Father Time is absolutely second to none.  Every once in a while, and it does not happen often, one comes across a product or service that not only meets one
 expectation but exceeds it and your company is such a service.  I am so happy that I chose Old Father Time to bring my Dad
 fifty year old watch back to life.  Thank you and God Bless,  Brett, Oyster Bay, N.Y.  
Thank you for the wonderful work you did to repair my husband's watch.  It arrived last week, and he proudly wore my Accutron at a vintage car event.  We really appreciate the work you put into repairing it.  Angela, Santa Rosa, California
Just a note of thanks. I got my watch Thursday and have been wearing it since. Works perfectly and looks great! Thanks for such prompt and good service! Burt from Charlotte, NC

Just a note to say a Super Special Thank You for restoring my baby.  Except for bathing and sleeping, it has NOT been off my wrist for 1 second!  I got the 4 ounce, 18 ct bracelet put back on and took a photo of it for the jewelry records and attach a copy of it so that you can see the "complete" image.  It is just stunning and I am famous for having worn this watch for 43 years through 2 law schools, the local Court house and all over the local legal and real estate community.  Have had compliments on it, forever.  Even from other watch salesmen and jewelers.  Thanks again for your skillful and diligent work .. and please pass on my deepest gratitude to your marvelous watchmaker.  Best, Bobby from San Antonio, TX

My watch got home safely last Thursday, and it looks GREAT!!! It hasn't looked that good for probably 38 years. My compliments to the craftsman who did the work. Thank you all so much for keeping my Accutron alive. I hope it runs for another 38 years!  Sincerely,  Mike from Zanesville, OH
I received my Spaceview watch on Friday and it is amazing!  Your shop did an incredible restoration.  It is keeping great time and is an absolute stunner.  I have already received many complements on my Accutron.  I'm very happy that I had it done and that I found Old Father Time to do the work.  I appreciate all your work and communication throughout the process.  Thank you so much.  Have a great day.  Sincerely, Jeff in Orange, California
My watch was delivered along with the check a few minutes ago.  I am really pleased with it and want to complement you on the fine job.  Norman in Dallas, TX
I want to say thank you to everyone at Old Father Time who worked on my divers watch!  (WO 7322 [2181 Deep Sea Accutron] ).  My Accutron is beautifully restored.  This watch has a great deal of sentimental value for me as it has marked every important event in my life starting with the birth of my son 40 years ago. It is great to have it running and on my wrist again.  Thank you very much.  No one else but Old Father Time will ever touch it again.  Lee in Pine Meadow, CT
It's been two weeks since I received my watch and I wanted to let you know it arrived in excellent shape and is working perfectly.  Your people did an excellent job on restoring my Accutron and removing the minor scratches. My Accutron looks just as new as it did when I purchased it almost 40 years ago!  The new leather band adds a lot to the look. Thanks again for all the help and kudos to your service team.  I will surely recommend your company to others.  Michael in St. Petersburg, FL
I received my watch on Friday and everything was in good condition from the shipment.  Good does not really describe it - it looked terrific !  Please pass along my thanks to the watchmaker who worked on this.  It looks as good as new and better than I've seen it in almost 40 years.  This watch was my high school graduation gift from my parents and has quite a bit of sentimental value to me and you folks have given it new life.  Many thanks, Frank in Venus, PA
Dear Folks at OFT:    Just a short note to tell you my watch arrived today, safely packaged and running. It
 nice to see it all shined up and hear that old familiar humming.   Be sure to give that nice lady I talked with on the phone a nice big pay raise. Thanks so much.  Walter in Conrad, SC
As you promised, my [Accutron] watch arrived uneventfully Thursday afternoon, and it looks and runs great!  I'm very appreciative.  The thing I particularly like about your company is that you do what you say you will do and you do it well. Not many companies do that today.  I was surprised at the size of the package and the size of the contents, thinking maybe if I immersed the contents in water I'd have another grandfather-size clock to display...LOL  Many thanks to all of you, Brad in New York
I have been wearing my Accutron for a week and it is working perfectly!!  It is now both a beautiful watch and a very nice timepiece.  Thank you and please pass on my thanks to your team.  I very much appreciate your patience and creativity over the last few months.  Kind regards, John

I received my watch yesterday and it is gorgeous! Your staff are definitely craftsmen.  I have one question, the new band is too small for me; using the first hole, doesn't let it fit well. Do they come in different lengths? I never thought about the length when ordering the band.  Thank you, Jon S.  (New band sent at no charge)

Please tell the watchmaker how happy I am to have my watch back in service.  After having my Accutron for over 45 years it
 like having an old friend back.  Thanks again. Ralph K.
Thanks for the great work on my old Accutron Astronaut.  It
 nice to look at my left wrist and see the same watch that was there when I was flying an O1 as a Forward Air Controller in 1969 in Vietnam. It had been sitting, not working, for many years until I chanced upon your website.  Great to hear it humming again.  Jim H.
I just got my Accutron and really, I can't believe how well it turned out.  I have a picture somewhere in my Dad
 files of the day he received it 43 years ago -- it looks better today than the day it initially was awarded to him.  I really appreciate the expertise and the care you took to restore it.  It is now a priceless family heirloom that will be passed on to one of my children when that time comes.  Thanks very much again.  Please feel free to use me as a customer reference going forward.  Frank M
Just wanted to let you know I received the Accutron and it works and looks fantastic!  Thanks again.  I will send it back when the battery needs replacing for your FREE PROMO CELL - as I learned my lesson on having a "non expert" look at this timepiece.  Ed
Thank you for the fine service.  I received my newly refurbished Bulova last week and find it very satisfying.  Sorry that we did not communicate properly the first time.  I love my Accutron, and it is beautiful.  Hopefully, I and/or my family will get plenty of enjoyment from your repair work.  Thank you.  Paul L.
I just got my watch today.  Looks great and is running beautifully. Thank you!  Linda
Just wanted to let you know that we received my Accutron this afternoon, and are totally thrilled with the work. After not working for 20 or so years, it is truly impressive to see life in it once again. I have to admit I was a little nervous sending it, not having done anything like that before. Anyhow, thank you again for a wonderful experience. Old Father Time is top notch. Tom F.
Thank you for the comprehensive information. Also, thanks for your watchmaker
 excellent processing of the repairs to my watch.  Thank you again for a well executed repair and a truly commendable company operation.  Roy Z.
Just to let you know I received my Accutron in good shape today. It looks beautiful. I appreciate the work. Happy holidays to all.  Dale
I just received my repaired Accutron back from you and it looks magnificent.  I am so delighted you were able to repair and make it look new, after forty-five years!  One question re: the returned parts.  Is the original battery useable?  If not I will dispose it.   And about how long should the new battery last?  I recall it used to be about nine months.  Again, thank you so much for a great job. 
E. F.

Funny Story
I wrote to you folks a short time ago (just after Father received 2 Bulova Accutron “Spaceview models and my brother strongly recommended I get in touch with you for service, etc.  I did and you responded promptly and seemed very friendly in your correspondence.   Yesterday, I was in a meeting with a few great customers of ours and near the end of the meeting my customer pointed at my wrist, and I showed him my watch. Then he rolled his wrist over and showed me his watch.  It was an old Spaceview, too! 

We got to talking and I took mine off and let him see it and he did the same 
 He told us how after his father died he received this old watch and after searching everywhere for a repair facility, he was led to this place somewhere in Virginia. 
 I blurted out, “Old Father Time" ,  And he lit up and screamed, “YES!"   He went on and on talking about your great customer service and how you guys totally took care of him and his father's (now his) watch and brought it back from the scrap heap.  He had said that it is unrecognizable now from the condition he sent it to you folks.  (All rusted in places and parts missing, etc.) 
After a while, my father joined in and showed his Spaceview, too.   I have never been in a room with 3 of these watches on 3 different arms.   It was sort of neat.  Thought you might like to hear that story, just in case your ears were “burning" around 3 pm yesterday!   Best regards - Bill S.

Just a quick note to let you know that I received my 214 M8 Accutron Railroad Approved yesterday via FedEx.  What a splendid job your staff did in restoring this old watch!  I took it to my local Bulova dealer and had them install the new JB Champion Accutron herring bone gold plated bracelet that I purchased for it while you were doing the repairs.  Even they were impressed - they thought my Accutron was brand new from a sale of unsold old dealer stock.  And I would not be a bit surprised if it doesn't actually look just as good, or even better, than it did when my father bought it brand new back in 1968.  I dug around and found the original display box for it where it now proudly resides on the top of my bureau; as I'm afraid to wear it for fear of scratching it up!  Please convey my thanks to your watchmakers for their excellent work and fine craftsmanship.  And thanks for the nice touch of setting it to central time.  Best regards, John L
Many thanks for the accutron repair and restoration. I can't remember when it looked so good!
Sincerely, Byron H
My husband is just thrilled with my Accutron.  Now we'd like to have you appraise it.  Annett
My watch arrived last week and so far is working perfectly.  I have worn it on three occasions and enjoyed the familiarity of seeing it on my wrist, putting it to my ear and hearing it hum.  Prior to finding you, I was close to giving up on it but now it is back and working.  Could you convey my personal thanks to the person who made the repairs and I would like to also thank you personally for keeping me informed over these weeks.  Evan
My Accutron arrived yesterday and is humming right along.  Thanks!  Til next time, Mike T

Thanks for your advice and consideration; btw my Accutrons look as new! Both watches belong to my brother  and have great sentimental value to him.  Best Regards, Ira

Just wanted to say thanks for my Accutron repairs, and to let you know that for the last eight days, my watch has stayed within 20 seconds of NIST internet display!  George
Finally got my Accutron this afternoon from FedEx. Third delivery attempt caught me at home this time, good deal. My Accutron looks great and is even set to my time zone. Nice touch!  Thanks, Bob D
Hi,  Thank you for the prompt service. The workmanship is excellent.  I do have one small issue. The new Speidel band is too tight. Could you send me 4 links so that I can extend it.  Thank you, Bob
My accutron arrived today, order # XXXX, and looks excellent. Henry M
The pin for my Accutron watch arrived today. It is was easy to install, even for me. (mister 2 left hands.) I can 't thank you enough. Please let me know how much I owe you.  You do know that this type of superior customer service is practically extinct.
Regards, Jim E
I received my watch this week and wanted to let you know it arrived in excellent shape. Your people did an excellent job on restoring my Accutron. My Accutron watch looks brand new and the leather band adds a lot to the look. Please give my thanks to the person who worked on it. Thanks again and I will surely recommend your company to others. Paul K
Just a quick email to let you know that my Accutron arrived safely in Australia........and was even set to our time! Its a beautiful piece and one which will be treasured.  I thank you for your patience, time and effort.  Its a small world,  but getting a watch from one end of it to another seems more difficult  than travelling yourself!  All the best and much peace to you and your colleagues and families for the upcoming Christmas season.  Rob P
My watch arrived safe and sound on Friday 6/20. Keeping good time. It
 great to have my old friend back in working order. Many thanks.  Bob F
The box arrived safety. You have rejuvenated my Accutron and it is humming away happily. A job well done and I appreciate it.  Thank you.  Tak
Just a quick note to say thanks for the superb work done on my 214 Spaceview.  My Accutron looks as new.  Can you also advise me as to  the best way to store my Accutron when not being worn. I've been told to take out the battery if my Accutron is not in use or is it best to leave my Accutron running ?    Many thanks Chris L
Received my watch yesterday, (invoice # XXXX), and am so pleased with the restoration. Special thanks to John Polk who I believe did the work. I am totally delighted!   My Accutron looks brand new and seems to be right on time!  Very Truly Yours, Bob E

I just wanted to thank you for doing a great job on my watch. It looks brand new and works great.  It is a great piece for my collection.  Brett E.

Received my two Accutrons yesterday.  Fantastic job.  Thank you very much for being there to keep us collectors going strong.  Brian M.

Just to let you know that my watch arrived safely to Spain, and is now on my table.  It looks great, and works even better.  Thanks for your excellent service and greetings from Madrid, -Enrique

To Bulova Service Dept Chief:   I would like to take this opportunity to commend one of your vendors, Old Father Time of Rockville, VA, for their quality service and expeditious handling of the repairs to two Accutron Spaceview watches.  Their attention to detail and, in my case, addressing a time-sensitive issue was greatly appreciated.  In my estimation, OFT
 business model is all about customer service, communication and professionalism, which are often overlooked in today
 business world.  You should be complimented for using their services; it reflects well on you and Bulova.  Kenneth D
I am so thoroughly pleased with the way my Accutron has been repaired and restored (all the little "dings" from all those years of use are gone!!!) that I just had to let you know.  Old Father Time made it look, sound and run like new.  People at work ask me about it, especially some of the younger people who've never seen one like it.  If any work is EVER needed again, I will most certainly send my Accutron to Old Father Time.  When ever I'm asked for a referral for an Accutron repair, especially on the older models, I'll certainly recommend Old Father Time.  I just don't believe that anyone could go wrong by using their expertise and experience.  Thank you, Marion
My Accutron has arrived and it is stunning, wow what a great job. It looks as original as my aging brain will allow me to remember and I can't thank you enough for your efforts to make things right and have a happy customer. In today
 world we often deal with firms who do not really care for their customer but you have proven that you will go to great length
 to satisfy a customer. If you have a spot on your website for customer comments or if you need a reference I would be happy to supply one.  Thanks again  Ron D
To Bulova:  Thank you for putting me in touch with at Old Father Time, who was as kind to me as a beloved daughter and initiated the process of repair to the very old watch of my deceased father.  Today I received that watch, as I watched the process of delivery from the time it was FedEx'ed from Va.  Please know of my satisfaction and of the fine service and respect shown from all those with whom I have been in contact at OFT.   I am 77 (almost) and that watch will be willed to one of my daughters.   Please keep OFT happy, for there may be need for a "cleaning" in another fifty years.  I do thank you for giving me the alternative of Old Father Time, for my Accutron is about 60 years old.   Warm wishes, Alice
I recently had my vintage 1971 Accutron completely restored by Old Father Time in Virginia. They did an absolutely outstanding job. It would be hard to tell my Accutron from brand new. I received my Accutron for graduation back in '71 so my Accutron means a great deal to me. I was somewhat nervous about sending it off to be repaired. My fears were unfounded. My Accutron came back as good as new. I would highly recommend them for any of your vintage repairs.  Tom B

Hello Ms. Williams,  My watch was received last Thursday and is doing great.  Thank you for your patience.  It has a high sentimental value to me.  Thanks again, Lewis L

I am Impressed! My Dad's watch looks like the day he got it back in 1979. I am very pleased with the work. You guys even set the time and date to my time zone! That's so cool! Great attention to detail and customer service.  Thank you very much. I truly appreciate the time and effort for a heartfelt piece as this is to me. I'll have it to cherish for many, many years to come!   Larry T

Hello...the Accutron Railroad Dual-Hand arrived today and I love it!  I really appreciate the upgrade to the 24 hr. dial...you were right...it looks awesome!  Thanks for making sure everything was "perfect" before shipping...I'll be back I'm sure.  Thanks again...Frank F
Received my Accutron yesterday and it is beautiful.  Thank you so very much for saving my valued watch.  William  C
The cushion arrived safely today. She looks fantastic! Thank you for a beautiful job. Regards, TJ
The work you did on my accutron was outstanding. Thanks, Stan S
Another great job. My sincere thanks for your professional repairs. The gold filled case came out like new. Looks gorgeous. Kind regards,  Duane C
To the service department,  My cherished wrist watch came back from your shop today, the accutron runs and looks as good as it did forty years ago on Christmas when my dear departed wife gave it to me.  You folks understood how precious this watch is to me and I'll tell you that your efforts have made this old man very happy.  Now I'll be able to wear this keepsake for a long time.  Warm Regards, Robert L
Watchmaker:  First and foremost, I would like you to know that my Accutron is beautiful.  It brings tears to my eyes to see the old watch look so good.  (I wish I could share it with old man).  Such good work!  Much appreciated. Respectfully,  Will Z
I received my watch that you recently restored.My Accutron returned in even better condition than I imagined. You did an excellent job. It looks brand new. Again, thank you for a job well done. Thank you.  Carl L

Thanks for sending my watches.  I received both in excellent condition.  I am happy to have them back in such fine condition.  You did a very nice job of restoring the Accutron—I have been wearing it ever since its return—keeping time very accurately!  I'll keep you in mind whenever I need another repair.  I appreciate your fine service.  Bill H

Dear Old Father Time,  I got a real surprise this afternoon.  I kept unwrapping and unwrapping, and there it was - my accutron watch.  And let me say, my Accutron is absolutely perfect.  I want to personally thank all of you for doing such a fine job.  It is much, much more than I could have ever hoped for!   As you might remember, I'm in the process of restoring (with expert assistance) my Accutrons that have been a part of my life.  The accutron was special because my wife and son got this for me for my birthday when my son was 5, some 40 + years ago.  I can't wait to show it to him.  Sincerely, Al D
Dear Sir:  Thank you for the beautiful job you did on my watch.  I am so glad that I did not throw it away after being told about 20 years ago that it could not be repaired.  Occasionally I would take it out, try to convince myself it was senseless to hang on to a watch that could not be repaired.  At one of those times I decided to search the net to see if I could find a repair shop. I selected your shop because I have visited the area several times & believed I would not be ripped off.  A very satisfied customer,  Helen B

I received my watch in perfect working order. I'm glad to have it back.  This one is my favorites and I thank you for the restoration.  I have a couple of other Accutrons which are in good working order but I'll be sending them to you when they need attention. Thanks again.  Bill H   PS: Such a BIG box for my little ole watch!!  excellent packing job!

Hello:   I just received my repaired Accutron 214 Spaceview per invoice 4808 from your facility and it looks great.  It is a real keepsake that my father gave a long time ago.   My father was a watch repairman who owned a jewelry store for many years in the 60
 thru 80
 and sold only Bulova products. Thanks for all your help, George P
Just a short note to thank you for expeditiously repairing my nephew
 Spaceview.  I am sure he will be pleased with the result.  As you know, this is the second repair that you have done for me, and I have not been disappointed with the results.   Thanks again.  K. C.
Please accept and relay my thanks for the great restoration of my father
 Accutron.  Its appearance exceeded my expectations - it really looks brand new.   Best Regards, Tom
Hi, I just wanted you to know I received my Bulova Accutron watch today and I am very pleased with the work you did.  The band is indeed beautiful with my Accutron.  Thank you so much for making my old watch like new.  I also just bought another one on Ebay that I will be sending to you to check and put the lizard band as well.  It will be a gift to my son who is working for a railroad in Kansas City.  Thanks again for the great job!  Steve J
I received my watch following your repairs. New crystal, new hands and new watch band make this watch look great. I really appreciate it. You seem to have a well oiled machine!  Thanks.  Randy F
I received my watch yesterday. It looks great. Thank you for the great service. I appreciate the quality, care and security of your service.  Sincerely,  Jim E
My Accutron arrived this morning, and I couldn't be more pleased. I want to thank you and your company for outstanding work and excellent service, and in particular, for doing what you said you would do. It
 sometimes hard to find people and companies with that philosophy these days.  It
 nice to hear my Accutron humming along again!   It came home from the Army with me in 1965, and except for the last three or four years of sitting in a drawer because no one in this area could/would fix it, has been a constant companion.   Many, many thanks! 
Brad B
Hi , I received my 1964 Railroad Approved Accutron today and just wanted you to know I am very pleased with it.  Great job once again!  I have a 1967 model that I will be sending to you soon.  Thanks again,  Steve
I received my Accutron from you today.  It is gorgeous!  Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to the watchmaker(s) who did the work.  It is  running fantastic, of course!  Paul

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