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Accutron Repair

Vintage Accutron Watch Repair and Restoration Authorized Bulova Dealer Repair Center Repair

Accutron Repair & Sales Policies


Vintage Accutron Repair Warranty
Unless otherwise stated, Old Father Time offers a 6-Month warranty on our  *Vintage watch repairs.  Warranty commences on the date of original completed repair. Warranty items must be received in our studio prior to the end of the warranty period in order to be honored.

While perfection is always our goal, no warranties are, or can be, made regarding achieving the accuracy standards of timekeeping asserted by the original manufacturers when these watches were NEW. Timekeeping is adjusted as originally prescribed by the manufacturer at the time of return shipment to the customer, and has been found to be consistently accurate* for at least 7 days prior to shipment.  However, it is mutually understood that these watches are now antiques.  Adjustments to timekeeping ARE SOMETIMES necessary after any repair or overhaul and while the watch adjusts to the owner's normal use.  We've found that adjustments can also be required after  "rough shipping".  New problems can also arise after the initial repair is performed.   We will, therefore, make timekeeping adjustments throughout the warranty period as needed, however, our warranty does not apply to wear and tear, abuse, misuse, **incorrect application, or tampering (removing the case-back), and excludes parts, batteries, case, strap or bracelet, crystals, electronic coils and return shipping costs.  Partial repairs are not covered by warranty.

Return shipping is not provided with warranty repair of vintage watches.

Access our Mail-In Repair Form

Shortly after your watch arrives, we'll contact you by email or other method you indicate, with a detailed evaluation of the needed repairs.  We'll then wait to hear from you before proceeding.  If, after several reminders, we still haven't received your reply, your watch will be stored awaiting contact or disposed of.
See "Storage Fees" below.

* Vintage tuning fork accuracy is measured over an extended period of time.  A variance of + or - 4 minutes per month is acceptable for antique tuning fork movements.

** Incorrect application may include, but is not limited to, water, moisture or condensation.  Vintage Accutron watches ARE NOT WATERPROOF (and never were).  Swimming, showering, rain, heavy perspiration, high humidity climates and other introductions of water cannot be covered by warranty.  If condensation is observed, please remove the battery door (214) or pull the crown (218) and allow the movement to dry completely.  Then package the watch and return it to us for inspection.  SEE BELOW for more information about water resistance and vintage watches.


Water Proof ?

Note:  If someone on the internet indicates that they'll make a vintage Accutron watch waterproof for you, be cautious.  Much has been documented on the subject over the years with false or misleading claims, and the term can no longer be used on watches made in the US.  Bulova stopped referring to water at all on their watches because of numerous water related problems. 


Watch Purchases
Vintage Electronic timepieces purchased from Old Father Time carry a limited warranty to our customers, for a period of six (6) months from the date of original purchase, against failure to operate, (unless otherwise stated in the watch description).   No warranties are made, either expressed or implied, regarding maintaining the accuracy standards of timekeeping of the original manufacturers when the item was new.   It is mutually understood that these watches are purchased and sold as antiques.  Warranty is void if we determine occurrences of tampering.   This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, or abuse, and excludes batteries, case, strap or bracelet, crystals, electronic coils and return postage.

Our standard return policy is your complete satisfaction with whatever you purchase from us.   Examine the items for ten days and, if not pleased, return for a full refund of the purchase price, (excluding postage).  Just notify us within three days by e-mail, (or phone), of your desire to return your merchandise.  We'll credit your account as soon as your return shipment arrives safely and in good, sellable condition.  Pack all returns in the same manner in which you received them, to be safe.


Item Descriptions
We endeavor to describe all our watches as accurately as humanly possible.  We can, however, unintentionally overlook things from time to time.  We will make every effort to affect corrections quickly and to our customer's satisfaction.


Finance Charges
There will be a 24.75% annualized finance charge imposed on all unpaid balances over 10 days.  The customer will be responsible for any charges associated with debt collection, including, but not limited to, bank charges, court costs, and attorney's fees.


Declined Credit Card Fee
Please provide updated card information as soon as you're aware of it.  Please don't wait until we contact you with a declined card.  We charge a $25 fee for each incident of a declined credit card.


Returned Check Fee
We charge a $50 fee for each incident of a check returned from our bank as "not payable" for any reason (i.e., NSF, unknown account, etc).


You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options listed.   Old Father Time reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

Credit may be issued for items returned 20 days from original purchase date. A copy of the original Sales Invoice must accompany returned items. A "RETURN AUTHORIZATION" is required.  Items must be returned in good, sellable condition, in original packaging, in order to qualify for refund.  Refunds will be issued only to the original "credit card of purchase", no cash refunds will be made. Shipping charges are excluded from the refund amount.  A 20% restocking fee will apply to any returns which exceed the 20 days allowed.

Merchandise may be exchanged within 30 days of original purchase.  Original merchandise must be returned in good, sellable condition accompanied by a copy of the original Sales Invoice.  The new merchandise should be noted on the Sales invoice with the Stock Number and Color desired.  Shipping charges will apply to all exchanges.

Check Refunds will be issued if "Personal Check or Cashiers Check" was the original method of payment.  In most cases a computer generated check will be received by postal mail within 10 to 14 days.


Storage Fees
Storage fees will be imposed on all items which are unpaid at the time of completion of repairs.  If, because of insufficient funds on checking accounts, or declined credit cards, repairs are not paid upon completion, storage fees will be applied to the invoice for the cost of liability insurance and storage of personal property beginning on the date of non payment and applied daily thereafter. In the case of declined repairs, storage fees will be applied commensurate with the unpaid invoice and may be applied retroactively to the day the item began being stored without repairs authorized.  The daily storage rate for unpaid repairs is currently $1.00.


Abandoned Personal Property

1.  Non-repairable Watch – If you deliver your watch for repair to Old Father Time and in our judgment your watch cannot be repaired, you agree to promptly pay all shipping and insurance costs for its return to you. The watch will not be returned until such costs are paid.

2.  Refusal of Repairs – If you decline to proceed with the watch repairs estimated and recommended by Old Father Time, you agree to promptly pay all estimate and shipping costs for its return to you. The watch will not be returned until such costs are paid.

3.  Non-Payment of Repairs – If upon completion of repairs you've authorized, your credit card is declined AND you do not send payment by other means, your watch will be considered Abandoned Property 60 days after the occurrence. 

4.  Abandoned Property – If upon reasonable notice to you: A.) you fail to pay for repairs that you authorized and that Old Father Time makes to your watch; or B.) you fail to pay shipping costs for your watch’s return when it is deemed unrepairable; or C.) you refuse repair of your watch and do not pay estimate and shipping costs for its return; your watch will be considered to be abandoned property 60 days after the occurrence.

5.  Credit Card "charge-backs"  –  Any charged back payments will require Cashier's Check as subsequent payment.

If your watch has become abandoned property, Old Father Time is no longer responsible for its reasonable care or storage and may dispose of it in order to satisfy the unpaid debt.  If Old Father Time retains that property beyond 60 days, a storage fee of $1.00 per day will be imposed beginning with the date of receipt of the watch and continuing until all fees are paid.  Upon passage of 60 days, Old Father Time may sell or otherwise dispose of the abandoned property in any manner deemed suitable.


We share your concern regarding purchasing goods over the Internet.  Our entire site is protected by hosting authentication through GoDaddy's Secure Server Encryption Certifier.  With today's encryption technology, it's safer than ever to purchase with confidence on the internet, and as technology changes, we'll remain on the cutting edge with the newest security methods.  Every secure order is handled immediately, and we never sell, or share our customer lists. 

It's our promise to you that your personal and financial information will always be handled discretely, responsibly, and professionally and never shared with anyone.

Orders placed through our Secure "Shopping Cart" are automatically protected by Absolute Privacy.  Credit card information is NOT captured at all. Only the processing bank has access to it.


Wholesale or Trade Services
Old Father Time does not offer wholesale services to the jewelry trade.  We do not sell parts other than those specifically listed on our Accutron Parts page of this website.  We also do not sell vintage Accutron parts that are used in our customers' repairs.

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