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An Accutron Story
(all too common unfortunately)


A recent Accutron Repair Story....

(This type of phone call currently happens roughly weekly 5-29-2018)

I received a call from a desperate gentleman asking for help.  He told a story about having sent his Father's Accutron to someone for repair last year.  He had all the details of name and address, of course.  Subsequently, he purchased another Accutron from Ebay...one he'd wanted for himself for 25 years and finally found, but it wasn't running.  He also sent this Accutron Spaceview to this repairer.  For a while communication seemed normal, but he couldn't get any idea from this gentleman about when his watches would be completed and ready for shipping.  Communication finally dried up altogether.  He couldn't reach this individual by phone, email or even by written, Certified USPS mail.  The Certified mail was appropriately signed for, but there was no communication as a result.

His question was.. "What should I do now to get my watches back?"  I suggested he contact the Illinois Attorney General's office and explain the problem.  I also suggested he file a complaint in the local jurisdiction by mail, and investigate an attorney in that area to follow up on the matter, if feasible.

I told him that this happens all too often when internet hobbyists, appearing on the internet as legitimate businesses, lure unsuspecting customers into sending their watches to them with all sorts of claims.  I told him also, that this happened several years ago, where the repairer had collected hundreds and hundreds of Accutron watches from people all over the country and just wouldn't return them.  He mysteriously started selling Accutron watches and Accutron parts on Ebay until caught.  The State's Attorney General's Office entered his trailer (by force), seized what turned out to be thousands of watches and turned them over to the manufacturer for help in returning them to their original owners with the scant records that were available.  Some of the accounts that I've been told, directly by those original owners, is that the process took years.  Among other penalties, the repairer was forbidden from performing any watch repair in his state ever again.

I guess if there's a point to the story it's this:   It's true, legitimate businesses do have costs; cost of state-of-the-art equipment, the cost of proper tools and material correct for the application, cost of insurance and security, professional affiliations and credentials in a specific craft, and of course, specific training and continuing yearly education the authoritative resources in that profession.  But if someone advertises they're cheaper because they, 1.) don't have to pay professional watchmakers, 2.) they operate out of their basement or garage with no rent payments or cost of overhead or qualified personnel, or 3.) are not insured (other than their homeowner's policy which may or may not cover other people's property), and have no security systems other than perhaps a faithful dog, it seems like good common sense to weigh the risk against the possible gain.

Old Father Time has never claimed to be the cheapest Accutron Watch Repair on the planet.  Our Base Charge covers a wide range of professional services necessary to properly service an antique watch.  Parts charges are based on what it costs to obtain them.  Old Father Time has the most extensive collection of authentic, new/old stock parts anywhere in the world.  They're NEW/Old Stock.  They're not cannibalized from other 50 year old watches. 

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Old Father Time, LLC
16 April, 2013
23 October, 2019 rev.




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