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Old Father Time, LLC


Old Father Time is a sole proprietor LLC owned by B. D. Williams.  OFT was founded in 1995 in Richmond, Virginia, and is organized in North Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia & North Carolina. Old Father Time, LLC has offered highly specialized, repair and restoration of fine Swiss and American timepieces to the public through our showrooms and internet location.  Our professional and/or Master Watchmakers are trained in the specific movements used in every popular watch of the day.  As an authorized service agent, we've received training from Watch Manufacturers, as well as broad range Swiss watchmaking classes from WOSTEP.

Old Father Time, LLC is a factory authorized service agent for several large watch manufacturers, and in that capacity, adheres to the strict standards the manufacturers recommend for basic as well as advanced repair services for their base and complication timepieces.

Since 1995, Old Father Time, LLC has served tens of thousands of customers.  Our client base includes 17 countries, and  every state in the US.  OFT is JBT and DUNS listed, and carries an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Old Father Time is insured by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, and holds every major professional affiliation available.  Our Accutron Watchmaker participates on various horological boards of directors, training committees and research groups.


In 2005 Old Father Time dedicated it's full resources to the repair and restoration of Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork Vintage Watches, made between 1960 and 1977 by the Bulova Watch Co. in New York.  In 2015, Old Father Time relocated to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and continues to serve its ever-growing customer base.

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