Accutron Mail In Repair Form Old Father Time
Mail In Repair Form
116C Ballast Rock Rd
Powells Point, NC 27966
(252) 371-1656
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*Sorry, we no longer accept International Repairs (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands)

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**Note:  If E-mail address is not available, we'll send your estimate by postal mail.

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Repair Warranty Information Link

Appraisal (Please Check One)

  YES - Check this box if you'd also like us to include a professional appraisal of your item after restoration.  We can provide a written appraisal of your item, (including digital photographs).  This Professional Appraisal can be used to add this property to your homeowners insurance.  Our Appraisals are provided at a discounted price of $85, (regular price $125), when performed in conjunction with full repair services (excludes routine maintenance), and will be delivered with your repaired item.
 NO THANKS - Maybe another time.

Payment_Method The Estimate fee of $65 which must accompany your watch.
This can be by check or credit card, whichever you prefer.  An Estimate Fee is charged ONLY if you decide NOT to have the watch repaired and covers the return shipping and the watchmaker's time in evaluating.   An additional bank card fee is applied for credit/debit cards.   I'm sorry we cannot accept Postal Money Orders.

Personal Check
Include your check with the Watch

MasterCard or VISA
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Exp. Date (any format)     Card ID Number (where can I find this)

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USPS Shipping Label for Your Box

(Clip-Out & secure this label to your package) USPS Registered, Insured Recommended


116C Ballast Rock Rd
Powells Point, NC 27966

    OFT Accutron Repair Form
Print Your Repair Form & Shipping Label     OFT Accutron Repair Form


1)  Complete the form on your screen, then print
2)  Sign the credit card information section, or attach your check (your choice).  
3)  Cut out the shipping label above and affix it to your package securely if using the US Postal Service.
4)  Package watch securely and Include your repair form in the box when shipping.
5)  Please remember not to send your original or manufacturer box or material as it will be discarded.
6)  Sorry, but we only offer repair services to US customers, and no longer handle International repairs, unless with a US Agent,
(including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands), or repairs for the Jewelry Trade.
7)  Packaging and shipping suggestions can be found HERE
)  Click these links for:  Repair WARRANTY  or Company Policies