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Licensed, Insured Professional Watchmakers Specializing in Vintage Bulova Accutron 214 & 218 Tuning Fork Model Watches

Accutron 214 battery.  Accutron 218 battery.  Vintage Accutron Watch Repair and Restoration Authorized Bulova Dealer Repair Center Repair Facility


Accutron 214,  218 and 2242 (AccuQuartz)

Battery Promotion

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We have a special promotional offer for our vintage Accutron customers.  If we've performed our "full service" to your Accutron 214 or 218 model, and it's time for your yearly battery installation, just send the watch back to us with a copy of your original repair invoice, and we'll install the new battery Free of Charge!  The only cost is the return shipping/insurance using our Fedex High Value Jewelry account.
Promotional offer applies if OFT performs all battery installations after repair.  Batteries should be replaced every 9 to 15 months.

While in the shop, we can also check the timekeeping accuracy and make any adjustments necessary.  We'll also check to be sure all the gaskets are making a proper seal.

We've found over the past 20 years, that taking these vintage watches to a local jeweler or battery kiosk can be a problem.  We receive vintage Accutrons regularly that have been damaged by having the wrong battery installed or batteries installed incorrectly.

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