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Accutron Repair

Vintage Accutron Watch Repair and Restoration Authorized Bulova Dealer Repair Center Repair

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Accutron Watch Repair by Old Father Time

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Accutron Watch Repair Mail In Repair FormAccutron

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Accutron Watch Repair by Old Father TimeAccutron

Accutron Repair Price Information

Accutron repair, vintage accutron watch repair, accutron repairs

Wow, keeping up with the misinformation from internet repairers is time-consuming but necessary, I'm afraid.  There are hobby repairers charging up to $600 for the services listed below

We're a professional repair center and have modeled our pricing structure after the large Swiss houses (who we're authorized to perform repairs for).  Our base service for vintage Accutron watch repair (tuning fork movements:
214,  218 and 2242 (AccuQuartz), models), is $344 plus parts, optional cosmetics and shipping.  Additional complications are $65 per complication.

Our Base Charge includes: Thoroughly Clean and Regulate a Vintage Accutron tuning fork watch movement including complete disassembly/re-assembly, proper lubrication of the movement using state-of-the-art Swiss products, new gaskets (made for us by Bulova's contractor), new battery, labor involved in replacing any worn or damaged parts, polishing all pivots, plates, screws, etc. We'll also ultrasonically clean your case and/or bracelet and perform a light polish to remove minor surface scratches.  We restore the sand graining to the case back (if applicable) and polish/restore your crown and battery door (in the case of a 214).

The base service will not completely restore your case to original, like-new condition, but, along with a new crystal, dramatically improves the appearance.

Optionally, we can also quote complete case and/or bracelet "restoration" which will remove more severe wear, dings and dents.  We can re-plate gold filled or electroplated cases and bracelets as well.

Call us today for more information about custom restoration of your vintage Accutron tuning fork watch.

accutron repair.  Custom accutron repair.  Classic accutron watch repair center recommended by Bulova

accutron repair.  Custom accutron repair.  Classic accutron watch repair center recommended by Bulova

Accutron Watch Repair Mail In Repair Form
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